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EmuCR: Flycast Flycast Dojo v6.44 is released. Flycast Dojo is a fork of Flycast, a multi-platform Sega Dreamcast, Naomi and Atomiswave emulator derived from Reicast, with a focus on netplay features and replay. We intend to keep Flycast Dojo updated with the latest downstream changes made to the parent project. Flycast is a multi-platform Sega Dreamcast, Naomi and Atomiswave emulator derived from reicast.

Flycast Dojo changelog:
Flycast Dojo 6.44 Release Notes
Test Game: Fix Offline Game Launch
Flycast Dojo 6.43 includes various enhancements to Test Game mode, including loading controller profiles in the Settings prior to game launch for previews, as well as a Main Menu button to enter the emulator's main interface from the Test Game screen off of Fightcade. This new version also includes improved netplay savestate tracking for replays in preparation for netplay savestate auto-updating.
Flycast Dojo 6.43 Release Notes
Test Game: Fix Game Launch, Main Menu, Emulator Exit
Flycast Dojo 6.42 Release Notes
Netplay Savestates: Download list of commits locally with savestate download
Replays/Spectating: If commit from header unavailable, use Commit based on Quark Epoch
Flycast Dojo 6.39 Release Notes
Replays/Spectating: Get commit by Quark Epoch time & Game Name when missing from header
Replays/Spectating: Record current Savestate Commit on Session Start
Netplay Savestate Download: Make copy with commit extension for Replay versioning
Test Game: Add Main Menu Button
Flycast Dojo 6.36 Release Notes
Test Game: Load Button Names in Settings
Linux: Copy missing shared memory (EEPROM/NVMEM/VMU) from shared directory before game launch

Download: Flycast Dojo v6.44

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