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EmuCR: ShadPS4ShadPS4 Git (2024/07/08) is released. An early PS4 emulator for Windows and Linux written in C++.

ShadPS4 changelog:
* Update building-linux.md with full instructions (#260)
* Added Legacy Min/Max ops (#266)
* Merge pull request #267 from viniciuslrangel/audio-param-fix
* Fix sceAudioOutOpen not handling audio param attributes
* Merge pull request #264 from OFFTKP/thessaloniki
* Eliminate compiler warning
* config: Disable splash by default
* Merge pull request #253 from shadps4-emu/graphics/features_and_fixes
* renderer: a bit more formats to support
* gnmdriver: added `sceGnmFindResourcesPublic` stub
* recompiler: switch instance data to storage buffers
* recompiler: fix for gather4 components return
* renderer: don't let unbound color attachment affect pass's rendering area
* renderer: added support for instance step rates
* gnmdriver, amdgpu: added gpu idle IRQ; submission lock logic improved

ShadPS4 Git (2024/07/08) : 1cloudfile gofile mirrorace mirrored send usersdrive
Source: Here

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