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EmuCR:ClrMameProClrMamePro v3.130 is released.ClrMamePro is a so-called ROM-manager. With every new release of MAME a lot has been changed. New gamesets have been added, some have been removed, etc.

ClrMamePro v3.130 changelog:
- added:
1st part of the upcoming new toy "Rename Wizard".
You may know about the major set renames in latest MAME, well the Rename Wizard should help you in the future to update e.g. related datfiles (like artwork datfiles, etc...). The basic idea is: Load an old datfile and a new datfile. Find set renames. Apply the renames to a third datfile (e.g. artwork) either to rom or set level and save this dat. So the 1st step is to find set renames.
Logiqx's MAMEDIFF is usually used for such a thing but MAMEDIFF isn't as accurate as you might think. So Logiqx and myself though about other ways to find renames. The current idea is a 6-path check (from highest to lowest prio).
1) unique set hash compare: Hash is created over all rom/disk hashes and in case of nodumps or samples over names. Hash lookup tries to find a matching set.
2) single unique rom hash compare: Take a single unique rom hash of old datfile set and check if it's a single unique hash in new datfile. Use this to find a matching set
3) single unique chd hash compare: similar to 2) but on chds
4) fuzzy name check: similar to cmpro's scanner set name check. Tries to find the 'best fit' name
5) lazy description compare: try to match the descriptions
6) lazy set compare: try to match the setname
Currently a complete set list is produced showing something like:
old name -> new name [succeeded matching method] or *old name -> new name [succeeded matching method] or old name -> ? (when no match was found....propably a removed set) The * indicates a name change.
This part is already in...you can play around with it if you like.
The next steps will be:
- optionally disallow parent-to-clone renames (since a lot of dats work on parent sets only)
- load and apply changes on 3rd datfile
The Rename Wizard is not directly visible at the moment...but still easy to find. Check out popup menus if you want to know more ABOUT it.
- added: warning when 'Sets' scan option is not enabled
- added: dir2dat option to create a 0 byte file for empty folders
- misc: show common rebuilder warnings only once and not per addpath
- misc: improved fuzzy set name check
- fixed: xml dats with UTF ByteOrderMark aren't listed in profiler
- fixed: when using header support, rom size values are wrong
- fixed: offline datfiles 0 crc/ 0 size issue

Download: ClrMamePro v3.130 32bit
Download: ClrMamePro v3.130 64bit

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