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EmuCR: MacifomMacifom v0.15 is released. Macifom is a highly-accurate NES emulator and debugger written in Objective-C that leverages the latest Mac OS X APIs to provide excellent performance and usability. The purpose of this project to facilitate new NES development on the Mac OS X platform while leveraging OS X technologies such as AppKit, OpenCL, CoreAudio, OpenGL and more!

The latest version of Macifom features:
Cycle-exact CPU (2A03) emulation for valid opcodes
Scanline-accurate PPU (2C02) emulation
Excellent sound reproduction care of Blargg's Nes_snd_emu library
Windowed and full-screen display modes
Support USB Gamepad and Joystick controls
Supports games designed for NROM, UxROM, CNROM, AxROM, SNROM, SUROM and TxROM boards.
Automatic saving of cartridge SRAM to disk
A debugger featuring breakpoints, live disassembly of program code, reading and writing of memory locations, register display and step-through execution.

Macifom v0.15 Changelog:
The latest version of Macifom features the following major fixes and improvements:
Support for games using the MMC3 mapper on TxROM boards (such as the indie hit Blade Buster, pictured above)
Support for games designed for SUROM boards
Further improvements to the APU and PPU timing for compatibility and hardware equivalency
Improvements to the functionality and stability of the debugger. Audio playback now works properly when debugging and APU and PPU are synchronized when stepping through execution.

Download: Macifom v0.15
Source: Here

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  1. Nes emulator for MAC great:)

  2. Unfortunately, directional keys are non functional with an Xbox 360 wired controller.


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