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EmuCR: KC85EMUKC85EMU v0.85.3 is released. The KC85EMU is an emulator for the home computers of the series from KC85 the VEB Mikroelektronik "Wilhelm Pieck" Muhlhausen. In addition to the computers KC85 / 3 / 4, it may also include the original KC-HC900 (KC85 / 2) and the fully developed KC85 / 4 and KC-CAOS-RAM 4.5 (KC85 / 5) emulate 256k. Runs it is under DOS version 5.0 or the DOS interface Windows or OS /2.

KC85EMU v0.85.3 Changelog:
- Centronics / Joystick Module M021 added
- Added 320x480 graphics mode
- Sound output in the NTVDM of XP, unfortunately, with disturbances
But enough is enough for Digger and Pursuit
- VirtualBox is detected
- Behavior of the keyboard setting "Direct Basic" improved
- Sound Blaster 1.0 Version 0.85 not working
- On some machines blinking cursor in the CAOS4.4
very restless
- Joystick response corrected, the cursor moved
sometimes alone
- "Blink Test" for the VGA mode callable

Download: KC85EMU v0.85.3
Source: Here

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