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XM7'(DASH) v1.2L5.0 beta 8 is released. XM7'is an eXcellent fujitsu Micro seven emulator for 7 platforms.

XM7'(DASH) v1.2L5.0 beta 8 Changelog:
XM7 Road after the operation of the CPU clock settings dialog, WHG / THG sound subsystem, Japanese, 1MB floppy, 32KB/128KB bubble, behind the RAM did not fix the switch settings to take effect.
Windows menu 1MB disk / 320KB disk drive "in a few open," "forced out the entire drive," added. Cassette "tapes, forcing out all the bubbles" added.
Fixed garbage that the last byte of the first byte of the last page after the first two pages of the bubble when reading multiple pages.
Hiding the status bar, and full-screen mode to save changes.
FM-8 FDC mode can be set from the IRQ interrupt you.
When the pop-up sub-windows "overlay" "Tile," "Arrange Icons" fix a problem that despite the choice made is invalid.
Property set in operation, made possible only when the pop-up mode to save the sub-window display position. (When changing the storage location is cleared Sabuuindoumodo)
"1MB Drive", "320KB" drive the display, "1MB disk", "320KB disk" change.
False representation and help correct view of the bubble in the property sheet associated Actions.
Property-related representation of the sub-window operation settings "pop-up style," "save the state" change.

Download: XM7'(DASH) v1.2L5.0 beta 8
Source: Here

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