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EmuCR:MameUIMameUI v0.142u4 is released. MameUI [formerly Mame32] is the GUI version of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, a program which seeks to document the internal hardware and code of all arcade games. Originally authored in 1997 by Chris Kirmse, it was the first port of Mame™ to the Windows platform.


Download: MameUI v0.142u4 x86
Download: MameUI v0.142u4 x64
Source: Here

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  1. new mame is slow I say use 0.99

  2. Pfff... why don't you go ahead and use 0.37b15, released 10 years ago? Should be even faster!

  3. you are talking from you arse. By that time most of the great stuff on mame want emulated like cps2 and psikyo hardware. 0.99 is the last fast and compatible version with all of the good stuff emulated perfect. Almost nothing of any worth emulated after that , if you say CPS3 go play it on Winkawaks or FBA , if you say PGM , shmupmame does it best (which is also based on 0.99 , which proves me right)


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