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EmuCR: 1964mod1964mod v1.5.0 Final is released. 1964mod is a N64 emulator using the codes from original 1964 by Schibo & Rice. It is not created as a replacement to the original 1964 emulator. Hopefully, its enhancement will benefit people who loves the original 1964. 1964mod is currently at an early stage of experimentation & development. It is used as a learning platform to improve my programming knowledge and skills.

1964mod v1.5.0 Final Changlog:

Core Changes & Fixes:
Implement common function codes for retrieving winrect & clientrect request
common function handles all placement and RECT request
remove codes duplication, cleaner and easier to read

Re-write the find index algorithm of ini entry within the ini entries array

Implement audio pause when video, input or RSP plugin configuration dialog box is opened and resume audio when configuration is done or dialog box is closed during gameplay
ensure both video image and audio are paused at the same time

Minor correction to build mempak crc

Fix Spiderman random freeze on 2nd comic cutscene

Reduce loud popping/cracking sound at the flag-off point of a Top Gear Rally race
can set SFX volume to 5 or more without the loud cracking sound

Remove speed restrain hack on DK64, Hexen & Starcraft specifically created for 1st screen corruption tempfix
dependency on 1st screen corruption tempfix no longer exist


Plugin Changes & Fixes

Re-write portion of the windowed-fullscreen switching codes
fix audio looping when switching is made during dlist or framebuffer processing e.g. TGO, Carmageddon
need further re-write on the other portions as well

Fix the 1st screen corruption caused by incorrect fb processing
remove tempfix - bypass no longer required (finally)

Remove most of existing Pokemon Puzzle League hacks except the one in:
use "Delay SI" for "Timing Control"

Fix DK64(E) missing bottom black border

Fix Mystical Ninja(U) slowdown in intro controller pak screen (now getting max VI/s)
inappropriate opening of texture buffer having a cleared image

Fix unmatch vi width
All-Star Baseball 99 - incorrect vi width on controller pak full screen (ugly screen shifting)
Bottom of the 9th - incorrect image display width (smaller than actual size)
Resident Evil 2 - incorrect image display width for high vi width using 8MB (smaller than actual size)
Super Robot Spirits - incorrect vi width at end intro dialog screen (ugly screen shifting)
Top Gear Overdrive(E) - incorrect image display width (smaller than actual size)

Fix New Tetris corrupt transition image effect
need to fix sound on transition image

Fix Derby Stallion 64 transition effect frame color blending

Kill off floating point precision error in scale factor
fix minor gap on the right and/or bottom showing image underneath
Pilot Wings(U), JFG, Shadows of the Empire, GoldenEye etc
fix minor gap on the right and/or bottom for fillrect e.g. Shadowgate
fix Pokemon Puzzle League "Mimic Mansion" moving thin line for 16:9 aspect resolution above 1280x720
fix Flying Dragon thin horizontal line on 1st screen for high 16:9 aspect resolution e.g. 1920x1080

Set "Read every frame" as default for the following games:
1080 Snowboarding
fix in-game TV monitor display
All-Star Baseball 99
fix in-game TV monitor display
Derby Stallion 64
fix in-game TV monitor display
Ogre Battle 64
fix transition bg image effect
fix line corruption in text box edge
Pokemon Snap
fix photo album missing pokemon image

Re-write portion of the size selection codes in DrawImage
fix Super Robot Spirits intro fire scene and reduce intro ugly thin lines

Fix Mario Tennis texture buffer overflow
get rid of in-game random grey box and mini silhouette of player on upper left corner

Experimental Change
general bugfix on closing texture
safety check e.g. 1st frame on romopen
enhance Mario Tennis hacks
speedup max VI/s by 10~20 VI/s
further speedup helps games using "Read every frame" to achieve max VI/s
Banjo-Kazooie, Body Harvest, Castlevania, Mario Golf, Mario Kart, Ridge Racer

1964mod Audio:

Other Changes & Fixes
Other Changes & Fixes
Update ini settings in MyROM_Properties.ini

Update 1964mod_Readme.pdf

Update Instruction_Manual.pdf

Download: 1964mod v1.5.0 Final
Source: Here

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