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EmuCR: CSPSPCSPSP v1.91 is released. CSPSP is a homebrew game for the Sony PSP, originally based heavily on Valve's popular Counter-Strike game. It's a two-dimensional overhead (top-down) shooter that features simple team gameplay and a variety of weapons. CSPSP focuses heavily on multiplayer gameplay and is one of the most popular networked PSP homebrew games.

Some major features include:
Completely free of charge
A total of 28 different weapons to take down enemies with, including knives, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, and grenades
A quickly growing multiplayer community (there's almost always someone to play online)
A user account system with simple stats and friend lists
Hundreds of different maps
Fully-featured map editor (by coolguy5678) for the PC
Readily moddable (graphics, sound effects, gun configurations)

CSPSP v1.91 Changelog:
-potentially fixed the freezing bug during map downloading
-tweaked networking code to be more robust (and caught a few bugs); also fixed
major exploits (speedhacking, infinite ammo, etc.)
-added check for tempAR (not allowed in multiplayer)
-added a menu for server admins to kick/ban players more easily
-added graphical gun delay indicator
-added a time slowdown effect at the end of a round
-fixed the bug in ffa where spectators' scores weren't being reset on new round
-added a limit on the rate of chat messages (to prevent spamming)
-bots will now buy their weapons when they have enough money
-added exception handler (debugging info should now be printed during a crash)
-fixed a memory leak with the player icons
-fixed a potential divide-by-zero bug
-removed idstorage requirement (so CSPSP should run with HBL now - untested...)
-fixed a bug where half downloaded maps weren't being correctly deleted
-tweaked the server list pinging
-v1.91 fixes a small bug with updating profile info

Download: CSPSP v1.91
Source: Here

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