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EmuCR: Snes9xSnes9x unicode Test Build (2012/09/12) is released. Snes9x is freeware for PERSONAL USE only. Commercial users should seek permission of the copyright holders first. Commercial use includes, but is not limited to, charging money for Snes9x or software derived from Snes9x, including Snes9x or derivatives in commercial game bundles, and/or using Snes9x as a promotion for your commercial product.

Snes9x unicode Test Build (2012/09/12) Changelog:

- fixed command line loading of unicode filenames

Download: Snes9x unicode Test Build (2012/09/12)
Source: Here

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  1. Please anyone knows the use of MULTICART Sufami-TURBO in this emulator, or a current SNES9X manual ..... thanks

  2. So this is the newest Snes9x unicode Test Build.


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