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EmuCR: Street Fighter X Mega ManStreet Fighter X Mega Man v2 is released. Having fought countless robot masters over the years, Mega Man is ready to lay back, relax and enjoy his 25th Anniversary. Getting wind of this, Ryu and his fellow Street Fighters want one last battle before they let their own anniversary finish. Charge up your mega busters and stretch out your lightning legs, this is Street Fighter® X Mega Man®!

A true collaboration between Capcom and its fans for Mega Man’s and Street Fighter’s 25th Anniversary, Street Fighter® x Mega Man® was created and developed by Singapore native Seow Zong Hui (aka “Sonic”), with an original soundtrack by Luke Esquivel (aka “A_Rival”), and with support provided Capcom, Street Fighter® X Mega Man® stars the Blue Bomber as he goes toe-to-toe with some of Street Fighter’s most beloved characters complete with their own
individual themed stages and boss battles. Jump, shoot, and use your special new Street Fighter abilities to defeat your foes and become the world’s strongest robot!

Street Fighter X Mega Man v2 Changelog:
-New password system
-Confirmation on ESC and Reset
-Fixed Etank Bug and other small issues
-Improved controller support
-Reset game with F12
-Additional sound improvements
-Controller defaults to keyboard on first launch

EmuCR: Street Fighter X Mega Man

Download: Street Fighter X Mega Man v2
Source: Here

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  1. http://www.capcom-unity.com/mega_man

    Why wait to use the share links?

  2. Guys, don´t trash the first one, because this update is so different from the first release.
    I mean we have 2 free games.


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