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EmuCR: Speak & Spell 1978 SimulatorSpeak & Spell 1978 Simulator v3.33.051 is released. Speak & Spell 1978 simulator is a Japanese Speak&Spell simulator for Windows and X680x0. Speak & Spell 1978 Simulator for Windows´ is produced by SHRINE FIELD(as Miyavoux), released and distributed by MIYAVOUX.COM/.NET only. Do not redistribute the application and the archive file. If you break off the agreement, you cannot continue to use the application, and in your country and area. Now, it is impossible to download the correct archive in countries of Poland and Polish language. Because those countries had broken the rule of no redistribution.

Speak & Spell 1978 Simulator v3.33.051 Changelog:
--Fixed jump phrases by direct the keybord on 'SPELL GO and ENTER' for Vista and 7.(Ver.3.30 or later)
--Supported the 64bit OS.(Ver.3.30 or later)
--Updated the HTML manual, changed the example screens Windows XP to 7.(Ver.3.32.031 or later)
--Extended the limit day for use.(Ver.3.33.051)

Download: Speak & Spell 1978 Simulator v3.33.051
Source: Here

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