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EmuCR:AltirraAltirra v2.5 is released. Altirra is an Atari 8 bit Emulator on the Windows/DOS platform. Altirra emulates several models of the 8-bit Atari computers. This includes the the 800, 800XL, and 130XE versions. It has a lot of options, and compatibility is decent especially given the emulator's early stages. It also supports some copy protected games properly in emulation.

Altirra v2.5 Changelog:

features added
BASIC: Altirra BASIC is now the default when no BASIC ROM is included.
Cartridge: Added support for another 512K/4MB/8MB flash cartridge.
Cartridge: Added support for The!Cart and MegaMax 2M cartridge types.
Cassette: Tape control UI now has a waveform graph.
Cassette: Added support for FSK blocks in .cas files.
CPU: Extended 65C816 speed options to include 17MHz (10x) and 21MHz (12x).
Debugger: Register (r) command can now set the emulation (E) flag.
Debugger: Improved display of 65C816 register state.
Debugger: Disassembly window now steps properly above bank $00.
Debugger: Added search capability to History pane.
Debugger: Added some 65C02 and 65C816 instructions to assembler.
Debugger: Added .loadobj command.
Debugger: Keyboard shortcuts are now configurable.
Debugger: .basic_dumpline now decodes BASIC XL/XE tokens.
Debugger: Added x (examine symbols) command.
Debugger: Added module!symbol syntax for resolving symbols specific to a module.
Debugger: .sdx_loadsyms command now works on more versions of SpartaDOS X.
Debugger: .printf now supports string output and variable width/precision.
Debugger: Failed assertions now report file/line info if available.
Debugger: Added .basic_dumpstack command to dump BASIC runtime stack.
Debugger: Added option to hide namespaces for nested symbols in history window.
Debugger: .dumpsnap command now applies compression.
Debugger: Added partial CC65 dbgfile support.
Disk: .ARC files can now be mounted as SpartaDOS X disk images.
Disk: Added option to format new disks with the SpartaDOS File System (SDFS).
Disk: Added support for 8KB sectors.
Disk Explorer: DOS2 filesystem validator no longer checks directory entries after end of directory.
Display: Fixed update problems when stepping with frame blending active.
Input: Middle mouse button (MMB) can now be used to release mouse capture if it is not already bound.
Input: Added XInput support.
Network: DragonCart emulation support.
POKEY: Audio output path now emulates analog decay effects.
Printer: Added Clear option to printer output pane.
Profiler: Added columns for unhalted cycles.
Serial: Service field in ATDI command is now optional and defaults to telnet (port 23).
Serial: Added Telnet terminal type negotiation support.
Serial: Added Telnet binary transfer support.
Serial: Added full 850 Interface Module SIO protocol and handler support.
UI: Added some touch device support.
UI: Added Attach Disk and Detach Disk menu options.
UI: Added direct keyboard layout mode.
Ultimate1MB: Added SST39SF040, Am29F040B, and BM29F040 as alternate flash chip options.

bugs fixed
65C816: RTI can no longer clear the X flag in emulation mode.
Cartridge: Fixed swapped 5200 two-chip and one-chip modes.
Cartridge: Cold reset now resets flash emulation.
Cartridge: Fixed some cases where flash writes would stop working with emulated MaxFlash cartridge.
Cartridge: Fixed incorrect flash device ID for MaxFlash 1MB+MyIDE cartridge.
CPU: Fixed crashes when disabling heat map tracking.
CPU: Reverted unintentional change to IRQ timing (affected PM 2.0).
CPU: Fix hang when saving state with heat map activated.
Debugger: lm (list modules) and .unloadsym now work by IDs instead of indices to avoid index renumbering problems.
Debugger: Improved M/X tracking in disassembly window.
Debugger: Fixed disassembly of absolute long addressing mode.
Debugger: Memory window now updates properly above bank 0.
Debugger: Fixed memory access value reporting above bank 0 in step disassembly.
Debugger: Fixed infinite loop bug in static trace (st) command.
Debugger: CC65 label parser now strips the first leading period from label names.
Debugger: Fixed truncated call stack when encountering reused function epilog code paths.
Disk: Fixed crash when host file is modified on virtual SDFS mounted path and accessed before emulator can notice the change.
Disk: Fixed a bug that caused some root files on virtual SDFS disks to not hot-update reliably.
Disk: Writes to virtual disks are now blocked.
Disk: Fixed density detection issue with Set PERCOM Block command in XF551 mode.
Disk Explorer: SDFS directory entries are now reused properly.
Disk Explorer: SDFS sparse files are now supported.
Disk Explorer: Dragged files are no longer placed in the root when viewing a subdirectory.
GTIA: Fixed 2cclk transitions from modes 9/10/11 to mode 8.
HDevice: Files can now be created in append mode.
HDevice: Improved error handling in delete, rename, lock, and unlock operations.
HLE: Acceleration hooks no longer fire in 65C816 native mode or with a non-standard emulation mode environment.
HLE: Program loader now detects and rejects SpartaDOS X executables.
HLE: Fixed state of carry flag when exiting DSKINV after failure (fixes Micropainter with SIO patch enabled).
HLE: Fixed EXP(-1) returning an error with FP acceleration enabled.
HLE: Added alternate hooking mechanism so that CIO device hooks can activate on OSes that don't use the standard CIOINV vector.
Input: Relative binding to the axis 0/1 inputs of a tablet controller now works.
Input: Fixed mouse capture malfunctioning when activated by keyboard shortcut when the mouse is outside of the window.
LLE: Writes to S: in mode 0 now extend logical lines properly.
LLE: CIO now checks permissions on get/put operations.
LLE: Improved accuracy of power series for ATN(x).
PCLink: Fixed race condition in completion of fwrite() command.
POKEY: Fixed POTn registers changing without POTGO being strobed.
Printer: High bit is now stripped on printed characters so that inverse characters can be read instead of becoming ?.
Serial: Fixed escaping of $FF bytes over Telnet protocol.
Serial: Cold reset now forces modem back to command state.
Serial: Modem command handling is now case-insensitive.
Serial: Fixed control line status from status commands issued between OPEN and XIO 40 (was causing ForemXEP drops).
SIDE2: Fixed SDX banking register address.
Simulation: Fixed some issues with GTIA and POKEY state desyncing across save states.
UI: Shift modifier is allowed again for Start/Select/Option.
VBXE: Extended color bit now enables LSB of GTIA color registers.
VBXE: Fixed blit mode 4 (bitwise AND) not working properly with src=0.
VBXE: Fixed blitter collision behavior with dest=0.

Download: Altirra v2.5
Source: Here

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