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EmuCR: MESSMESS SVN r31343 is compiled. MESS(Multi Emulator Super System) is an open source emulator which emulates a large variety of different systems. MESS is a source-available project which documents the hardware for a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles, and calculators through software emulation, as MAME does for arcade games. As a nice side effect to this documentation, MESS allows software and games for these hardware platforms to be run on modern PCs.

MESS SVN Changelog:
(MESS) VTVIDEO: Added new interlaced mode. Also handle cases where undocumented delays / skip lines are poked (SQUINT; VIDEO.PAS). [Bavarese]
(MESS) cat.c: fix canon cat breakage from r30715 [Lord Nightmare]
(MESS) Fixed geniusiq.c regression. (nw)
(MESS) c64_cart.xml: Added another version of Super Snapshot 5. [Malice]

Download: MESS SVN r31343 x86
Download: MESS SVN r31343 x64
Source: Here

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