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XEiJ v0.15.04.22 is released. XEiJ is a X68000 emulator in Java.

XEiJ v0.15.04.22 Changelog:

- I added a patch to fix a bug related to the calculation of the effective address of ROM debugger.
- Status of the button of the mouse received data when operating the keyboard with mouse was not to change.
- When without display of function key press the OPT.1 + OPT.2 when the cursor is on the bottom line calculator has added a patch to fix the problem invisible is displayed on the outside of the screen. Calculator when similarly cursor and 060turbo is in the bottom line will be displayed on the top line of the cursor.
- LEA.L 4.W, A0; MOVEM.L D0-D1, - (A0) If the execution ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException has been fixed a bug that core stops out.


Download: XEiJ v0.15.04.22
Source: Here

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