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EmuCR: WiiUWiiU-EMU Git (2015/10/14) is released. WiiU-EMU is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

WiiU-EMU Git Changelog:
* Fix sdaBase / sda2Base being swapped in registers.
* I found some naughty whitespace.
* Make some kind of uniform blocks...
These are not accurate, but they do allow us to render
stuff far more correctly than before!
* Move mesa code to its own file.
* Cleanup some HLSL generation stuff.
* Integrate HLSL generated shaders.
Note: This fails due to some bugs fixed
in the next commit.
* Add Adobe Source Sans Pro Regular as font for OSGetSharedData.
* Fix sdaBase not being set at appropriate time.
* Hacky testing time of HLSL generator.
* Set default log level to info instead of trace.
Trace level logging was causing the emulator
to execute astoundingly slowely...
* Started repairing JIT. Added check to ensure all instructions registered.

Download: WiiU-EMU Git (2015/10/14)
Source: Here


  1. such a awesome emulator, give it some months and it can be pretty good.. or even better than most emulators

    1. You must be dense to call this an awesome emulator , seriously how can someone praise an emulator that demand specs that the majority of PC users don't have it
      if you are looking for a real Wii U emulator check this "Awesome" emulator out
      Sorry for calling you a dense but please before you praise this selfish prick developer .. think again

    2. watch out everyone, got a keyboard tough guy. yoru post is as weak as it is irrelevant. that is what i like about this site it a magnet for a$$holes and trolls.

    3. Cemu > this emulator. Too bad, so sad.

    4. I agreed. Cebu is a lame name for the emulator. WiiUE sounds right. :)

    5. @Shalnark so just because the devs are comfortable working with W10 and DX12, they're "selfish" and a "prick" pretty sure you don't even know how to code or you would at least help the dev out by porting the emu to an openGL environment. it's easy to talk shit.

      @foxwhisper04 WOW REALLY? an emulator that literally just started isn't as good as one that has been in the making for 2 years? NOOOOOOOOO you must be joking. this is open source if you want to help out go there and code, but you probably don't even know how

  2. This emulator is open source though unlike Cemu so it has more potential, and from what I understand the plan is to port it over to Vulcan when it's released for multi platform. And hardware that doesn't support dx12 probably won't be powerful enough for it anyway when this is useable

  3. Cemu is also crap as it supports windows only so it'll be coded like a dog straight away

  4. First footage for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze using Cemu

    1. Okay... so it´s using a high end hardware (4 cores, 8 threads @ 4.2 + 16gb + 970 = high end)... what you where talking about "an emulator that demand specs that the majority of PC users don't have"...
      Really... yo should be gratefull of these emulators, praise their developers, and stop complaining....


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