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EmuCR:AltirraAltirra 2.8 Test 23 is released. Altirra is an Atari 8 bit Emulator on the Windows/DOS platform. Altirra emulates several models of the 8-bit Atari computers. This includes the the 800, 800XL, and 130XE versions. It has a lot of options, and compatibility is decent especially given the emulator's early stages. It also supports some copy protected games properly in emulation.

Altirra 2.8 Test 8 Changelog:
-Input: The preset input maps for 5200 mode and the Xbox 360 Controller been changed.
-Input: Input mapping speeds have been adjusted; mappings in relative mode may need to be fixed up.
features added:
-Firmware: Added autodetection of 5200 2-port BIOS, Black Box, and MIO ROMs.
bugs fixed:
-ATBasic: Force implicit NEW if LOAD or CLOAD fails.
-Debugger: Fixed issue with Step Over breaking PC breakpoints.
-Input: Fixed preset maps sometimes not resetting if they were modified in the same session.
-Input: Fixed 5200 CONSOL bits being inconsistent internally after reset (fixes 5200 Pole Position controller input).
-POKEY: Improved RANDOM emulation when switching in and out of init mode.

Download: Altirra 2.8 Test 23
Source: Here

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