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EmuCR: Surreal64 CESurreal64CE B6.1 Beta4 is released. Surreal64 is a Nintendo64 emulator for Xbox. Surreal64 CE is a continuation of the Surreal64 project where Team XXX left off. Originally developed by oDD and Lantus, Surreal64 included ports of three Win32 based Nintendo64 emulators including 1964, Project64 and UltraHLE. Our goal is to improve Nintendo64 emulation on the XBOX.

Surreal64CE B6.1 Beta4 Changelog:

Dpad to analog mappings are mapped to strong presses instead of increasing input.
1964audio now mutes when paused.
More WIP work on AziAudio, nothing to see here yet
The TODO list leaves:
Return RSP audio setting
Backport AIO's fixes to old AziAudio
Fix issue with AziAudio 0.7 not initializing DirectSound
I did a lot of work on SaveStates since B6.0, but I don't quite feel they are perfect. There are instances where a save may not go through depending on where you are in the game. For example I cant always get a good save during the intro of Zelda OoT with 1964x11. I can't always reproduce it though.

Download: Surreal64CE B6.1 Beta4
Source: Here

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