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EmuCR: QMC2QMC2 v0.183 is compiled. QMC2 is a good GUI for MAME & MESS. QMC2(M.A.M.E. Catalog / Launcher II) is the successor of one of the first XMAME/MESS GUI frontends available, QMamecat (derived from MAMECAT, which was text-only). QMC2 has been rebuilt from scratch as a Qt 4 project. Parts of the design and code were inspired by its predecessor. The new design was made as flexible as possible to minimize dependencies from frontend- and CLI-related MAME changes, which was a major deficiency of QMamecat. QMC2 uses a template-based MAME configuration scheme, which can easily be enhanced with additional command line options (defined in an XML template file).

QMC2 v0.183 Changelog:
* fix: corrected the start-up restoration of the currently selected machine when said machine is hidden in the main view (aka ‘full detail view’) due to ROM state filtering
* fix: template check: when a (presumably) boolean type option changes its semantic, make sure that the check at least sees the changed default (example: the ‘sound’ option in current MAME)
* fix: correctly honor the ShowROMStatusIcons setting in the main view when the machine list is loaded from cache
* fix: system-notes: got rid of some MAME/MESS/UME leftovers (OMG!) which prevented titles from being displayed in system-notes when they were (7-)zipped
* imp: updated category.ini to MAME 0.183
* imp: updated PDF.js to a newer git revision (as of 30-JAN-2017), now pre-built with gulp
* imp: changed the category- and version-views to do an ascending sort of the category or version column before running the actual sort on the current criteria upon creation
* imp: avoid UI flicker when initially creating the category- or version-views
* imp: updated the emulator configuration templates to MAME 0.183 (changed the ‘sound’ option to correspond with current MAME)
* imp: improved the main setup dialog’s (former) Machine-list tab (now called Machine- / Software-lists) by reorganizing the different options in separate sections
* imp: software-lists: get rid of using a temporary file for looking up mountable devices for the current slot setup, use the standard input channel instead (we actually got rid of using a temporary file completely, so the corresponding setting has been removed as well)
* imp: device configurator: adopted MAME’s new formatting of the -listslots output (this means that MAME 0.183 is required now!)
* imp: component setup: when a feature isn’t allowed to be removed (i.e. the per-machine emulator configuration), indicate this by disabling the deactivate button
* imp: the context-menu of each component’s tab-widget is now accessible by right-clicking the header (instead of a small area above it)
* imp: software-lists: use list:name instead of list:name:part when generating software-specific arguments
* imp: software-lists: added a (temporary) workaround for launching ColecoVision™ cartridge images (see MT bug #6504)
* imp: device configurator: a loading animation is shown when the slot info cache has to be recreated (the previous indication for this was too subtle)
* new: the last ten machine search patterns that were added to the drop-down list (i.e. by pressing Return or Enter) are saved and restored now
* new: added a relaunch setup wizard item to the tools menu which will stop and restart QMC2 with the -r command line option
* new: software-lists: added support for saving and restoring the last selected software item per system (BT #140)
* new: added support for system- and software-manuals (in PDF format), allowing the use of an external PDF viewer (system default) as an alternative to the internal one which doesn’t work everywhere (BT #141, BT #116)
* new: each component’s current tab can also be switched through the tab-widget header’s context-menu now (BT #134)
* inf: changed the versioning scheme to match MAME’s version from now on (due to popular demand) – this should avoid confusion in the future

Download: QMC2 v0.183 x86
Download: QMC2 v0.183 x64
Source: Here

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