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EmuCR: NegatronNegatron v0.98.4 is released. Negatron is yet another front-end for MAME, the well-known multi-system emulator. Negatron has been first engineered to assist users in managing the huge list of machines available in MAME as intuitively as possible, them being arcade machines, consoles or computers. It has been developed in order to be as much hassle-free as possible, checking for any changed or updated resources automatically.

Negatron v0.98.4 Changelog:
* Updated the chapter about MAME History to show that MAME is now coordinated by an elected board instead of a single person.
* Minor edits.
* Fixed the missing MSVCR100.DLL error that could happen on some computers when launching Negatron.exe.
* Fixed the wrong total/parent/clone statistics when Negatron starts with its machine list in table view mode.
* Tweaked the handling of MAME's error output stream so that Negatron should only display fatal errors in a separate message box and ignore warnings that are perfectly handled internally by MAME.
* Optimised the switch between tree view and table view (i.e. on the machine list, from 6-7 seconds the switching time has been shortened to 1-3 seconds).
* Improved mame.ini management by automatically ensuring that its content is up to date with the options and format of the used MAME version.
* Changed behaviour: after launch, the initial focus is now set on the machine list instead of the launch button, so that users can directly go select an arcade game, making Negatron a bit more cabinet user-friendly.
* Added the automatic saving and loading of the main window size and state (normal, maximised or even fullscreen when applicable).
* Added a very preliminary functionality called "View / Folders" to do custom machine list filtering through folders ini files, part of the MAMEX EXTRAs set at the Pleasuredome.org.uk. Accessible through the new (+) button next to the Switch to table view button, it actually doesn't do much yet.

Download: Negatron v0.98.4
Source: Here

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