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Chip8swEmu v1.0.0 is released. Chip8swEmu is a Multiplatform CHIP-8 and Super-CHIP emulator written in C. CHIP-8 is an interpreted programming language designed to make easier the writing of simple games for some home computers based on the RCA CDP1802 processor in the late 1970s. An extension of the CHIP-8 instruction set called Super-CHIP was introduced in 1991 initially for use on the HP48 graphing calculators.

Chip8swEmu Features:
* Compatible with CHIP-8 and Super-CHIP programs.
* Cross-platform support through SDL2. Tested on Windows, should work on Linux and macOS with minor or no changes.
* Graphical user interface using imgui.
* Native file selection dialog on Windows. On other platforms, roms can be passed as an argument or dropped to the window.
* Configurable instructions per second rate, 840Hz by default.
* Configurable color palette.

Chip8swEmu v1.0.0 Changelog:
* Super-CHIP instructions support.
* Fixed timing. Timers are always decreased at 60Hz now, and the CPU Frequency setting changes instructions per timerupdate.
* 60 FPS limit without V-Sync enabled by default. Optional V-Sync, for use with 60Hz monitors only.
* Fixed crashing when minimizing.
* Fixed bugs in some instructions.
* Major code refactoring, improved Makefile.
* Each pixel of the screen buffer is stored now as a single bit, instead of an entire byte. This introduces some function overhead but saves a lot of memory and allows the 128x64 screen buffer to fit in a small microcontroller.
* Drag and drop file loading.
* SDL updated to 2.0.5

Download: Chip8swEmu v1.0.0

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