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EmuCR:FceuxFceux Git (2018/06/20) is compiled. FCEUX is a cross platform, NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator that is an evolution of the original FCE Ultra emulator. Over time FCE Ultra had separated into many separate branches. The concept behind FCEUX is to merge elements from FCE Ultra, FCEU rerecording, FCEUXD, FCEUXDSP, and FCEU-mm into a single branch of FCEU. As the X implies, it is an all-encompassing FCEU emulator that gives the best of all worlds for the general player, the ROM-hacking community, and the Tool-Assisted Speedrun Community.

Fceux Git changelog:
* NTSC filter was missing the newer more accurate support for emphasis (was using an old 1-emph-per-blit approximation)
* not sure why PAL filter text is commented (is it unfinished? seems to be functional) out but it's accessible in the dropdown and it leaves garbage in the name
* .gitignore missing newline
* Fix yscale out of bounds rounding error (#12)
* ignore save RAM and savestate files

Download: Fceux Git (2018/06/20)
Source: Here

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