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EmuCR: DsonPSPDsonPSP Unofficial v0.1 is released.DsonPSP is a Nintendo DS Emulator for the PSP.The DSONPSP emulator is based on DeSmuME v9 core, and has a file browser, frame skip, vertical and horizontal display options and a few other settings. DSonPSP v0.8 is an effort by TheMrIron2, z2442 and other PS Homebrew developers to update the proof of concept DS emulator, DSonPSP.

DsonPSP v0.8 beta Changelog
First release since original DSonPSP project. Compiler-side speedups and more updated code - may result in slight speedup and/or improved stability on new firmwares.


Added O3 and fast math compiler flags. Potentially risky or unstable but may result in better optimized code in the final compiled program.
Updated code to compile on latest PSP SDK toolchain - may make things more stable and will make it much easier to work with in future, and enables anyone to compile it easily.

Download: DsonPSP v0.8 beta

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