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EmuCR: UnrealSpeccyUnrealSpeccy v0.38.4 is released. UnrealSpeccy is a high-performance and rich features ZX-Spectrum emulator for WinNT platform.

UnrealSpeccy v0.38.2 Changelog:
version 0.38.4 24 jul 2018 (deathsoft)
!! The instruction ld a, i has been fixed (in pv, iff1 was returned instead of iff2). (savelij)
!! Fixed downloading files through the interception procedure ROM 0x056B (goodboy, Jerri)
!! Support for downloaders from Bill Gilbert through interception of ROM 0x056B (they do not pass point 0x0564 because of which autorun tape did not work).
+ Added 3 fire buttons for kempston joystick by dock from velesoft https://velesoft.speccy.cz/kmturbo2008-cz.htm
+ Added support for fuller joystick (with three fire buttons) on the dock from velesoft https://velesoft.speccy.cz/kmturbo2008-cz.htm
Enable FJoystick = 1
Directions / buttons (similar to kempston): FLEFT, FRIGHT, FUP, FDOWN, FFIRE1 (FFIRE analog), FFIRE2, FFIRE3
* Dialogues with NGS and Z-Controller settings completed
* Extended volume range for NGS from 8000 to 8192
* Fixed setting the volume of GS / NGS in z80 mode, correctly earned the volume control in gui (sound tab)
!! Fixed high-level emulation of GS (via bass), added processing of commands 0x42, 0x45, 0x46, 0x47, 0x66, 0x67, 0x68
(test on the game REX (3 versions,
Cyrax: https://vtrd.in/gs/REX1+2GS.ZIP,
CPG: https: //vtrd.in/gs/REX12_GS.ZIP (set memory limit GS 512k),
Tron z: https://vtrd.in/gs/REX12GS.zip))
The priority processing of samples in GS channels was done (it should be noted, however, that high-level GS emulation allows
Question the effects in all 4 channels, because To play .mod file, use separate stream in bass (separate 4 channels))
Added the ability to save the saps and .mod file from the debugger dialog, the dialog itself has been reworked from ListBox to ListView
Fixed the playback of sounds in this dialog (now it is done in the background, not in the polling loop)
Playing samples and. Mod files is done at the sampling frequency from the settings in the config, and not at 11025
Fixed frequency table generation (now the table is calculated by the frequency formula for a uniformly tempered story)
!! Fixed the work of ADS 3.0 (the mode of testing the rotation speed of the disk) (did not work because it was impossible to format the track with the number 80,
was spoiled in the version where the download / recording of mini and large images was done)
@ Now when creating an empty floppy disk, formatting is done on the maximum number of tracks, in this case the real number of tracks is set in the drive
(80 or more / less depending on the image being uploaded)
Such floppy disks can be formatted to the maximum number of tracks by the track recording command, while saving the image will save all the tracks
!! Fixed processing of hardware reset VG93, after that normally earned BestView (without errors in the form of a yellow border) (Alexandr Medvedev)
+ Detecting a diskette change through the status bit write protect (earned detect in jemini commander, monster commander) (sand)
+ Added support for the ULA +
+ Added saving / loading ULA + palette to files with .pal extension
(it is convenient for games to not always load the palette in the form of .tap, it is enough to load one time. tap,
and then save the palette as a .pal file and then use it already)

Download: UnrealSpeccy v0.38.4
Source: Here

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