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EmuCR:gpSPgpSP Git (2013/04/19) is released. gpSP is a gameplaySP Gameboy Advance emulator for Playstation Portable.

UO gpSP Kai v3.4 test 4 build 230 Changelog:
- Fixed regression: Analog Nub mapping works separately from Dpad again.
- Fixed regression: Now by default, GBA button 'B' is mapped to 'Cross' and GBA button 'A' is
mapped to 'Circle' to match a real GBA. The 225 build had these buttons reversed by default.
- 'Update backup' is now defaulted to 'Automatic' rather than 'Exit only'. It can still be
configured on a per game basis.

Download: gpSP Git (2013/04/19)

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