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MAME32 More! v0.84.201 is released. MAME32 More! is base on Mame Plus! This is MAME compiled with Kaillera, a utility that enables Netplay on it and other emulators that support it.

Download: MAME32 More! v0.84.201

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  1. This version has the "Smoothmame" Lock game FPS to 60, which will make some of the games (NeoGeo included) run much more smoother. It feels more comfortable to the eyes and it also makes a clear difference on Shmup games or any games with a constant scrolling background. Compare "Pulstar", "Andro Dunos", "Alpha Mission" for an example of the latter, or any other game (that would run 50hz+) and check if they dont seem more ... solid.

    Thanks Creamymami!

  2. The option "Lock game FPS to 60" must be activated in the options*.

    This is a synch "issue" taht MAME have since old days... and still have :-(


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