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EmuCR: PPSSPPPPSSPP Git (2018/11/05) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* Framebuffer blit: Clip src rectangle as well
* Merge pull request #11523 from mrfixit2001/master
* Move comments in function to be more relevant
* Fixes for Unknown
* MRFIXIT2001: This patch adds a second frameskip setting, one for setting the # of frames to skip, one for setting the % of frames to skip based off fps
* Merge pull request #11530 from unknownbrackets/dxt
* TexCache: Round DXT5 alpha up.
* TexCache: In DXT3, don't swizzle alpha.
* TexCache: Respect color order in DXT3/5.
* TexCache: Mix DXT colors using 2/3 not 3/8.
* TexCache: Decode DXT1 zero alpha as black.
* TexCache: Don't swizzle DXT1 colors.
* Merge pull request #11425 from xebra/refactor_spline_bezier
* GLES: Fix to delete subimage data since #11447.
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]Reduce static buffers. Get rid of the spline buffer using half of the vertex buffer.
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]Get rid of duplication call of Flush().
* [spline/bezier]Surround with namespace Spline.
* [spline/bezier]Remove comment.
* [spline/bezier]Improve basic spline/bezier structures.
* [spline/bezier]oops
* [spline/bezier]minor fix(referenced to c1f0e981).
* [spline/bezier]Fix GLES texture resolution of HW tess to real 2D to avoid huge width in FF4CC mist dragon morphing.
* [spline/bezier]Instanced rendering for B-Spline is very slow when using weak GPU, so disabled it and simplify the shaders.
* [spline/bezier]Fix to build for Android(clang).
* [spline/bezier]Modify ControlPoints and fix VertexPreview.
* [spline/bezier]Put the control points stuffs all in one structure.
* [spline/bezier]Modify the weights cache variables to a template variable.
* Math3D: Something wrong with hand simd optimization in vec2, so it causes very slow down.
* [spline/bezier]Put the output buffers all in one structure.
* [spline/bezier]Improve TemplateParameterDispatcher class macro to a real class.
* [spline/bezier]Extract an if-check in the hot loops to the template parameter.
* [spline/bezier]Expand loops in the shaders.
* [spline/bezier]Precalculate weights in the shaders using the outer product.
* [spline/bezier]Sharing textures to avoid heavily textures creation/deletion in one frame. At least, it occurs about 1000 and very slow down in Pursuit Force.
* [spline/bezier]Fix around vertex type flags.
* [spline/bezier]Improve shader uniforms a bit.
* [spline/bezier]Reduce multiplications in the shaders from 16 to 4.
* [spline/bezier]Get rid of wasted if-checks at Graphics Processors.
* [spline/bezier]Move whole tessellation logic in the shaders into a subroutine.
* [spline/bezier]Fix spline weights calculation and get rid of using next patch position in hwtess.
* [spline/bezier]Unify hardware tessellation of bezier and spline.
* [spline/bezier]Improve hwtess to use cached weights.
* [spline/bezier]Unify software tessellation of bezier and spline.
* [spline/bezier]Improve HW tess on Opengl to combine 3 textures into a single texture and use it.
* thin3d: Add support for texture subimage to GLRender.
* [spline/bezier]Fix to build for GE debugger.
* [spline/bezier]minor cleanup
* [spline/bezier]Fix about quality.
* [spline/bezier]Improve template parameter dispatch method.
* [spline/bezier]Improve spline tessellation using same as bezier tessellation method.(performance improvements, at least 10 FPS or more)
* [spline/bezier]Fix normal generation flag and some minor stuffs.
* [spline/bezier]Improve tessellator more generic.
* [spline/bezier]Improve bezier tesselator more.
* [spline/bezier]minor cleanup
* [spline/bezier]Fix bezier texcoord generation.
* [spline/bezier]Improve bezier tessellator more.
* [spline/bezier]Improve bezier tessellator.
* [spline/bezier]Implement weights cache system.
* [spline/bezier]Make a spline weights calculation class and precalculate all spline weights at the beginning.
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]Make a bezier weights calculation class and precalculate all bezier weights at the beginning.
* [spline/bezier]Improve bezier weights calculation.
* [spline/bezier]Move bezier patch loops into the function and pre-convert control-points.
* [spline/bezier]Move SIMD optimization of vector operations to Math3D.h.
* [spline/bezier]Use real tessellation in low-quality with "fixed to 2" tessellation factor.
* [spline/bezier]Pre-convert control-points for the accumulation of SIMD optimization, and avoid conversion in hot loops.
* Fix namespace Vec2f.
* Modify IndexConverter class to functor.
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]Make a function to build indices.
* [spline/bezier]minor cleanup
* [spline/bezier]Improve the logic of copying control-points.
* [spline/bezier]Make a function to copy control points.
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]minor fix
* [spline/bezier]Managing buffer allocation.
* [spline/bezier]Add spline derivative calculation for normal generation.
* [spline/bezier]Get rid of divisions in spline weights calculation.


Download: PPSSPP Git (2018/11/05) x86
Download: PPSSPP Git (2018/11/05) x64
Download: PPSSPP Git (2018/11/05) Android
Source: Here

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