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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2018/12/20) is compiled. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* gpu/spirv: Possibly fixed GET_TEXTURE_INFO.
* travis: Update to latest xcode
* cpu: Implemented initial support for doing write-tracking.
* gpu/vulkan: Improved performance of descriptor write setup.
* common: Fix exception handler always installing as first-chance handler.
* common: Moved range combiner to common library.
* gpu/vulkan: Fixed issue with objects not hashing correctly.
* gpu/vulkan: Implemented support for push descriptors.
* gpu: Substantially refactored shader translation.
* gpu/vulkan: Fixed memory segments hashing wrong data.
* gpu/vulkan: Optimized and abstracted memory segment management.
* gpu/vulkan: Optimized draw resource updating.
* spirv: Improved shader description hashing performance.
* gpu: Optimized PM4 processor register handling.
* gpu: Optimize PM4 reading with vectorized swapping and scratch.
* gpu/vulkan: Use more performant templates for RangeCombiner.
* gpu/vulkan: Use pipeline cache when creating pipelines.
* gpu/vulkan: Implemented pooling for stream out context buffers.
* gpu/vulkan: Upload stream out contexts using FillBuffer.
* gpu/vulkan: Use power-of-2 pooling for staging buffers.
* gpu/vulkan: Optimized indexes with vectorized byte swapping.
* common: Added vectorized byte-swapping routines.
* gpu/vulkan: Improved memsegment iteration.
* gpu/vulkan: Fix a small performance error from by-ref lambda.
* gpu/vulkan: Do not prepare Stream Out when it is disabled.
* sdl/vulkan: Improved handling of frame rendering.
* gpu/spirv: Added Origin execution mode for pixel shaders.
* gpu/vulkan: Switch to using XXHash for hashing.
* gpu/vulkan: Add some ignored validation errors for Xfb.
* gpu/vulkan: Batch draws into render-pass oriented groups.
* gpu/vulkan: Implemented GPU retiling.
* gpu7/tiling: Optimized the Vulkan retiler a bit.
* cafe/gx2: Improve some memory semantics.
* gpu/vulkan: Fixed memory caches not being included in perf debug info.
* gpu/pm4: Fixed copy-paste assertion placement error.
* sdl/input: Fixed compiler warning due to implicit type-casting.
* Remove some accidentally included pragma optimize directives.
* conan: Fixed conanfile to work with Python 3
* Fix oopsy
* cafe/hle: Properly initialize LibraryFunction fields
* Move build instructions to BUILDING.md
* Update glslang to 7.10.2984
* travis: Enable ffmpeg and Vulkan
* cmake: Enable ffmpeg and Vulkan build by default.
* appveyor: Enable Vulkan builds.
* ios/acp: Fix casts between unsigned long and uint32_t.
* appveyor: Fix for when conan is loaded from cache
* travis: Fix MacOS cmake not finding OpenSSL.
* cafe/nlibcurl: Initial curl implementation.
* cmake: Disable pm4-replay-qt build as it is currently broken.
* Bump libraries/addrlib.
* cmake: Copy ffmpeg .dll to output directory.
* Update appyveyor for new dependencies.
* Add a conanfile for dependencies.
* cmake: Cleanup some library dependencies.
* cmake: Use find_package for ffmpeg.
* Remove SDL and zlib as a submodule and use find_package instead.
* nn/ac: Stub ReadConfig.
* coreinit/im: Fix imCopyData.
* cafe/nn_ac: Stub GetStartupId.
* cafe/sysapp: Stub SYSGetCaller{UPID,TitleID,PFID}.
* ios/acp: Implement ACPGetTitleMetaXML.
* cafe/nn_acp: Implement ACPGetTitleIdOfMainApplication.

Download: Decaf Git (2018/12/20)
Source: Here

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