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EmuLoaderEmu Loader v8.7.2 is released. Emu Loader was created to manage an arcade games emulator called M.A.M.E. With this frontend, you can change practically any option that is available in the emulator, like the screen resolution, sound quality, game options, etc. There are lots of extra features that makes your life much more easier, like the snapshots viewer where all captured images from M.A.M.E. games can be viewed when selecting games.

Emu Loader Changelog:
Commented ROM / DISK entries were added as game files when creating MAME software games lists (softwarename.xml files)
- ROM or DISK entries ending with "-->" tag will not be added ("rocnrope" from "msx1_cart.xml" is one of the affected games)
- you must create MAME software list games again to fix this bug (main menu "Arcade", "Create MAME Software Games List")
PDF game manual updates
- support for MAME software lists
- scan support for a sub-folder "\manuals\" added at the end of your selected PDF folder
File "\console_computer\mame_systems_softwarelist.ini" updated to MAME .204
Some code cleanup, mostly commented out and deprecated
"Search game" bar in "View Missing ROMs/CHDs" screen (audit results)
- the frontend searches the entered string in game title and then game name if title is not a match
- it works like the incremental search in the main games list, partial strings supported
- you can press ENTER key in the edit box instead of clicking the "search" button
- if there's no match, the edit box blinks red

Download: EmuLoader v8.7.2
Source: Here

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