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Swiss r563 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
Changes by @Extrems:
Fix Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader.
Add VIConfigure signature for Pikmin.
Add GX signatures for Mario Power Tennis.
Rework PAL 60Hz forcing.
Remove exceptions for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Resident Evil Zero.
No longer support PAL-M in-game.
Fix Metroid Prime's screen offset X, screen stretch.
Add exceptions for F-Zero GX, Super Mario Sunshine and Enter the Matrix.
Properly resolve branch target.
Make indirect function matching more robust.
Use BI2 region code.
Add disable alpha dithering.
Allow video format change.
Replace GXSetCopyFilter.
Disable vertical filter when appropriate.
Rework PAL 60Hz fallback.
Improve PAL 60Hz forcing.
Support GXAdjustForOverscan B.
Support GXAdjustForOverscanD.
Improve PAL 60Hz forcing with field rendering.
Fix Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.
Fix video mode switching with read patches.

Changes by @emukidid:
Avoid excessive heap allocations in the UI thread to fix some stability issues
Add ARAM dumping
Fix DVD read issues
Fix WODE cold boot device hang
Add WODE extcfg ISO Swiss to the distribution
Fix WODE reload, dir listing issue, add missing icon
Fix files without extensions

Download: Swiss r563

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