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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.82.18 (2019/04/27) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Added debugger command "VGA CRTC" for the CRTC section of
VGA emulation.
Added debugger command "VGA DAC" for the DAC and "VGA DACPAL"
command to view the VGA color palette.
Added debugger command "VGA GC" for the graphics controller
section of VGA emulation.
Added debugger command "VGA SEQ" for the sequencer section
of VGA emulation.
Added debugger commands "VGA DRAW" and "VGA AC" to view
drawing and attribute controller state in the VGA emulation.
Integrated commits from mainline: 3834, 3839, 3840, 3843,
3845, 3849, 3850, 3853 (Allofich)
PSG noise channel emulation (PC-98 FM board) apparently
broke on Mac OS X due to type promotion by Clang/LLVM.
Modified the code to behave as originally intended, to
restore the PSG noise channel on Mac OS X.
Added debugger command "DOS FNKEY" to view PC-98 scan code
escape mapping.
PC-98 EGC ROP 9Ch added, apparently used by Windows 3.1
PC-98 INT DCh CL=0Ch/CL=0Dh AX=01h through AX=28h added,
which allows individual function/edit keys to be read or
Dynrec dynamic core is now default even on 32-bit builds.
Dynx86 dynamic core is still an option at this time if you
compile from source.
PC-98 INT DCh CL=0Fh AX=0h/1h added.
PC-98 INT DCh CL=0Ch/CL=0Dh added AX=0 handling as well.
PC-98 INT DCh emulation now support INT DCh CL=0Ch/CL=0Dh
AX=FFh so that some programs (including SEDIT.EXE) can set,
re-define, and restore the function key row.
PC-98 MS-DOS emulation now injects escape codes from a table
for the function keys instead of hard-coded as it does on
real MS-DOS.
PC-98 MS-DOS emulation now supports Shift+Fn (shift+Function)
to inject shortcuts into the CON device.
PC-98 MS-DOS now accepts CTRL+F8 to clear the screen.
PC-98 MS-DOS function key row now accepts CTRL+F7 to toggle
between none, function keys, and shortcuts.
PC-98 INT 18h AH=42h display area setup now cancels pending
vsync interrupt. This fixes display issues with Quarth when
interrupting the game's demo mode to enter the main menu.
PC-98 emulation now emulates port 6Ah command that controls
128KB/256KB VRAM wraparound.
INT DCh CL=10h AH=04h through AH=09h added.
INT DCh CL=10h AH=03h call to set cursor position (backdoor for
ESC = ANSI code) added.
Added parsing for ESC M / ESC D and ESC E in the DOS ANSI driver.
New debugger "VGA" command added to view additional emulator
Debugger input bar (at the bottom) fixed to position correctly,
mistake in the code that caused it fixed.
PC98 debugger command now supports viewing text, graphics, CG,
GRCG, and EGC state.
New debugger command "PC98" to view PC-98 emulation state in
the debugger.
New debugger command "EMU" added to view additional emulator
Debugger data view now shows linear and physical memory address
for the memory address you're viewing when the CPU is in
protected mode. The physical memory address display is useful
when 386 paging is enabled.
Debugger command "SM" now accept B: W: and D: prefixes to
write BYTE, WORD, and DWORD values to memory.
Debugger command "SR" now accept multiple pairs of registers
and values in one command.
Debugger commands "EV" and "SM" will no longer hang DOSBox-X
on invalid (unrecognized) input.
Added "EV" debugger command to allow viewing CPU registers
at the command line, including CPU registers not shown
in one of the windows of the debugger UI.
Debugger will now explicitly tell you if it does not
recognize the command.
Debugger fixed not to leave your command uppercased on the
command line if it does not recognize it.
Debugger "SR" command updated to allow setting upper/lower
halves of AX/BX/CX/DX, additional CPU flags and the whole
flags register.
Added INP/OUTP commands to debugger to aid debugging
I/O ports.
8086 and 286 cores now emulate a known bug where an
instruction with multiple prefixes that is interrupted
will resume at only the most recent prefix.
PC-98 planar emulation optimized and cleaned up.
Configuration GUI no longer crashes at startup if run
from the command line using the --startui or --startgui
command line options.
Configuration GUI fixed not to allow multiple instances
of the same settings window.
Emulator speed controls added, if for any reason you'd
want to play a game faster or slower.
Configuration GUI AUTOEXEC editor fixed so that
"Append History" button actually works.
Fixed configuration GUI to show keyboard options instead
of the mapper interface when you click the "Keyboard"
"Show details" menu option now also enables the realtime
percentage display.
Mac OS X builds fixed to use older convertRectToScreen
function instead of convertPointToScreen, which allows
others to compile DOSBox-X on Mac OS X versions older than
Mojave (despite Apple documentation claiming that
convertPointToScreen was added in 10.12).
Shift and Alt key modifier handling within the configuration
GUI now works properly in SDL2 builds.
Fixed prefetch queue emulation to allow 8086, 80186, and
286 CPU types to run with prefetch queue without crashing.
CPU type selection menu will now cause guest to reboot
if new cpu type is incompatible with the BIOS prologue
and epilogue code that was generated at startup, to
avoid crashes.
PC-98 NEC copyright string option now also installs
another set of data in another location in the BIOS,
that Windows 2.1 checks for.
Minimum MCB free value now has a higher default value in
PC-98 mode to reflect the fact the platform usually has
more loaded into lower memory at runtime. You are allowed
to specify a lower value in dosbox.conf for anything that
needs more memory.
GUS and Sound Blaster environment variable installation
is now quiet, does not echo the variable on screen at
INT 21h country-specific info now returns correct info
for PC-98 mode.
INT 21h DBCS lead table now contains correct values in
PC-98 mode.
Added more PC-98 EGC raster opcode emulation. The PC-98
version of Windows 3.1 now displays properly without
issues, except for line drawing.
Added INT 10h VESA BIOS function AH=08h "SET DAC WIDTH"
so that, when enabled, DOS applications can switch the
DAC from 6-bit to 8-bit.
Added basic 256-color mode emulation to PC-98 mode.
Linear framebuffer, needed by PC-98 ports of DOOM and
Wolfenstein 3D, is implemented. Bank switching, needed
by a few PC-98 games, is implemented.
MPU-401 emulation now accepts dosbox.conf option "mpubase"
to control the base I/O port of the MPU-401 interface.
The option can be set to "0" to tell DOSBox-X to pick the
best default. Works in either IBM PC or NEC PC-98 mode.
See dosbox.reference.conf for more details.
Fixed Sound Blaster 16 mixer IRQ/DMA select registers
to work in PC-98 mode as they apparently do on real
Sound Blaster 16 and Adlib emulation now available in
NEC PC-98 mode. I/O port mapping is based on a real
SB16 card for PC-98 and some documentation. Only OPL3
emulation is supported for Adlib. sbtype must be set
to sb16.
NEC PC-98 emulation mode now emulates DMA controller.
Gravis Ultrasound emulation now allows game to read back
the channel's Pan Pot register.
Sound Blaster 16 now implements 0xF9/0xFA fully, even if
the RAM contents they expose are not fully implemented.
Sound Blaster DSP command E2h (DMA identification/test)
code cleaned up and simplified.

Download: DOSBox-X v0.82.18 (2019/04/27)
Source: Here

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