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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Git 5.0-10601 is compiled. This is the trunk of Dolphin Project. Dolphin is the first Gamecube emulator able to run commercial games! Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator which supports many extra features and abilities not present on the original consoles. It has a partial Wii support and plays most Gamecube games.

Dolphin Git changelog:
* Merge pull request #8219 from Pokechu22/float-watch
* Show values as floats in watch
* Merge pull request #8215 from CookiePLMonster/appverifier-sanitize
* Fix a crash in DSPTool on malformed command line
* Fix out of bounds read in HttpRequest::Impl::Fetch logging
* Make DolphinAnalytics a true singleton - static local variables are initialized in a thread safe manner since C++11
* Merge pull request #8118 from 8times9/move-windowontop
* Qt/InterfacePane: Move "Keep on Window on Top" to Render Window section
* Merge pull request #8161 from njensen20/master
* Update Installer.nsi
* Merge pull request #8183 from kirbyUK/master
* Fix Gecko codes for G2RE52 (Shrek SuperSlam)
* Merge pull request #8176 from VinDuv/handle-open-files
* QtGui: Handle file open events
* Merge pull request #8192 from Miksel12/qt-changes
* Reorder graphics config

Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-10601 x64
Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-10601 Android
Source: Here

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