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EmuCR: MedGui RebornMedGui Reborn v0.107 is released. MedGui is a GUI (Frontend) for Mednafen WINDOW OS.

MedGui Reborn v0.107 Changelog:
* For unknown reason the control pad gui fix was disappeared from last release
* Added messages to guide the user to the first configuration
* Added specific "player" video setting for Mednafen Chipmusic player
* Added external resource credit link on About form
* Recalculate the grid size to prevent the hide of horizontal and vertical scroll bars
* Added a progress bar at MedGuiR startup
* Added linklabel for developer, publisher and system on TheGamesDb section
* Fixed a detection of TOSEC dats file
* Double buffered Datagrid to improve populating speed
* Changed again the download way for MedGuiR update
* Changed again MedGuiR Server update
* added a small correction on ftpuri control
* Added a correction on the creation of folder module
* Modified FTPDownloadFile function
* Added a information popup when downloaded file will be extracted
* Removed a lot of redundant code for extract archive, now managed by a function
* Various bugfixes
* Disabled Specific external dll Version request on project
* Added others link on rom searcher section
* Added all parameters from Mednafen 1.23.0-UNSTABLE

EmuCR: MedGui Reborn

Download: MedGui Reborn v0.107
Source: Here

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