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Nova v0.6.0 is released. Nova is a Sega Saturn Emulator(SS Emulator) for Windows. Nova is capable to run several commercial games, but it's still in its early stage.

1.automatically select regions.
2.automatically select cartridge types by editing cart.json.
3.automatically save backup memory.

Nova doesn't support:
1.save/load states
2.run games via a CD drive

Nova Changelog:
SH2: Implemented Cache and SCI.
SH2: Rewrote Power-On procedure.
SH2: Rewrote instruction TAS and TRAPA.
SH2: Fixed a bug of return value of reserved areas(Dark Savior).
M68K: Limited the address bus to 24 bits.
SMPC: Implemented commands queueing.
SMPC: Rewrote SMPC peripheral handlings.
SMPC: Rewrote the command SYSRES.
SMPC: Fixed a bug of RTC.
SMPC: Fixed timing issues of the command INTBACK.
SMPC: Fixed a bug of SNDON command(Steam Hearts).
VDP1: Fixed a bug of invalid command(DraculaX).
VDP1: Fixed a bug of LINK address(DraculaX).
VDP2: Rewrote handling of the VCNT register.
VDP2: Completed Cycle Pattern handlings.
VDP2: Restored Character Pattern cache.
SCSP: Implemented 1Mb RAM mode.
CDB: Removed MP2 decoder kjmp2.
CDB: Implemented MPEG1 Video and Audio Layer 1/2 decoding.
CDB: Implemented MPEG related commands.
CDB: Implemented commands CdClose and MpPutSctData.
CDB: Implemented a new sound buffer to provide better playback quality for CDDA and MPEG audio.
CDB: Supported Video CD playback(require MPEG ROM).
CDB: Fixed timing issues of the commands AbortFile, CdGetLastBuf, GetSctNum.
CDB: Fixed a crashing bug of SubcodeQ decoding.
CDB: Fixed HIRQREQ flag setting(EHST) and data size of the command PutSctData(Outrun).
CDB: Fixed a bug when there is no disc in the CD drive(crash in TITAN mode).
CDB: Fixed the default start/end positions of the command CdPlay.
CDDRIVE: Fixed a bug that seekinig function doesn't work while playing.
SYSTEM: Rewrote memory mapping, two SH2s and SCU now have different memory mappings.
PERIPHERAL: Implemented PAR(Preliminary), FDD and Stunner(Virtua Gun).
BIOS: Disabled Nova BIOS.
MISC: Supported 4 executable formats BAL, COF(COFF), CPE(Psy-Q), ELF.
MISC: Supported WindowsXP.
MISC: Added .img format for the cue parser.
MISC: Renamed cart.json to data.json.
MISC: Fixed a bug that the primary BUP is not saved properly at exit.

Download: Nova v0.6.0
Source: Here

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