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EmuCR: RetroBatRetroBat v2.0 is released. RetroBat is a set of Batch and Powershell scripts written to easily configure and launch EmulationStation for Windows. This frontend software is intended to gather your ROMs collection and run games with compatible emulators such as RetroArch. RetroBat can download and install all the softwares you need to have a good retrogaming experience on your PC. RetroBat is designed to run in Portable Mode. It means that you can either start it from HDD or from any removable storage device, as long as you do it on a computer that meets the requirements.

RetroBat v2.0 changelog:
- Scripts were rewritten from scratch for more efficiency.
- RetroBat Setup detect if EmulationStation, RetroArch, Libretro Cores and 7-Zip are installed and install
them automatically if needed.
- RetroBat Launcher detect if setup directory has changed and run RetroBat Setup to fix it.
- Install and update software separately.
- Install and update themes for EmulationStation.
- RetroBat Scripts can be updated in RetroBat Setup.
- Debug options.
- Launch video as introduction before EmulationStation. Use emulationstation.exe --video (vlc)
instead of ffmpeg core.
- Read settings from emulationstation.cfg to set ES resolution fullscreen or windowed.
- Enable JoyToKey in emulationstation.cfg.
- Enable video intro in emulationstation.cfg.
- Add launcher for OpenBOR and RPCS3 (thank to Fabrice Caruso).
- Add in ES systems list: OpenBOR, MUGEN, PS3, Apple II, Famicom Disk System and SG-1000.
- Fixed some issues and bugs.

Download: RetroBat v2.0

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