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EmuCR: puNESpuNES Git (2020/01/28) is complied. puNES is a NES emulator. Currently the program supports mappers 0, MMC1, UNROM, CNROM, and the sound is available. It uses the SDL libraries and it works on both Linux and Windows.

puNES Git Changelog
* Typos and minor formatting corrections.
* Fixed a compilation warning.
* Fixed a compilation error in windows versions.
* Input management reorganized.
* Separate management of the back state save for possible future use.
* Fixed typos and the use of the Sleep() function.
* Fixed disabling the rewind widget when it's disabled through options.
* Fixed saving of shader parameters.
* Fixed compilation warnings with QT 5.14.
* Fixed the adjustment of the shader parameters.

Download: puNES Git (2020/01/28) for win32
Download: puNES Git (2020/01/28) for win64
Source: Here

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