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Gambatte SpeedRun R6 Build 717 is released. Fork of https://github.com/sinamas/gambatte with changes related to Pokemon speedrunning. Gambatte is an accuracy-focused, cross-platform Game Boy Color emulator. It is based on a few thousand corner-case hardware tests, as well as previous documentation and reverse engineering efforts.

Gambatte SpeedRun Changelog:
Emulation accuracy
Merged all 2019 upstream gambatte accuracy updates by sinamas (fixes TCG, Crystal Clear, perhaps others)
Fixed emulation of some original Game Boy games (i.e. no GBC enhancements) on GBC/GBA/GBP (mostly affects non-Pokemon games)
Hard reset rework
Subframe hard resets now supported on GBP platform (Gen 2 save corruption routes, TCG card duplication should have parity with console)
Game audio now cuts immediately when the hard reset fade begins, to match GBP behavior
Rare quirky behavior (e.g. resets that take 1 or many frames too long, or Blue NSC crash where hard reset was never processed) should be mostly mitigated
Input handling fixes
Simultaneous Up+Down or Left+Right inputs now have proper "cancellation" behavior to match GBP
Using the same keyboard/joystick input for multiple GB inputs is no longer possible (was already "not allowed")
Fixed stray issues with German/Portuguese keyboard layouts (and perhaps others) that could cause numerous erratic behaviors
Added warning when using Shift as a bound key (causes issues when used in combination with keys "modified" by Shift)
Added a deadzone threshold configuration option for joystick users
Added official support for macOS 10.13+; binaries will be added with the upcoming release
Instant .sav creation for Gen 1/2 and TCG (at end of game's save routine)
Initial bootrom "error message" for first-time users was made slightly more informative
Fixed bug with default input settings for first-time users; other default settings also made more sensible
Savestates from r649/r664 should remain unaffected by changes (autosplitters are mostly ok, but will need updating to detect the new gambatte_speedrun.exe program name)

Download: Gambatte SpeedRun R6 Build 717
Source: Here

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