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EmuCR: NESICIDENESICIDE Git (2020/03/15) is complied. NESICIDE is an Integrated Development Environment for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). NESICIDE is a NES development application written with MFC and works only on Windows. The goal of NESICIDE2 is to bring this application into the modern age; it will support all 3 major platforms, as well as feature an easier to use interface. It will also have a community element that will allow users to share code, multimedia, and even entire projects/games. This is a new project and much is left to be done.

NESICIDE Git Changelog:
* Adding famitone2.
* Fixing linux deploy.
* Fixing deployment of CC65 and UC65. Fixing local deployment for OSX.
* Fixing UC template.
* Fixing C template so it actually runs.
* Always show emulator on debugging mode.
* Fixing C template. Fixing template nesproject file naming and project naming on new project creation.

Download: NESICIDE Git (2020/03/15)
Source: Here

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