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ROM Properties v1.5 is released. ROM Properties is a shell extension adding the ability to display additional information to file managers. ROM Properties is currently available for Linux and Windows. This shell extension adds a few nice features to file browsers for managing video game ROM and disc images.

ROM Properties v1.5 Changelog:
Major changes:
New parsers: Leapster Didj textures, PowerVR 3.0.0 textures, Pokémon Mini ROM images, Khronos KTX2 textures.
Improved support for FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD.
KDE, GTK+ UIs: Preliminary drag & drop support for icons in the properties dialog.
Downloading functionality has been split out into a separate executable, rp-download, for security purposes.
More security enhancements:
** Linux: Use seccomp() and AppArmor in some places.
** OpenBSD: Use pledge().
** Windows: Run rp-download as a low-integrity process.

Download: ROM Properties v1.5

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