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EmuCR: dolwinDolwin Git (2020/04/03) is compiled. Dolwin is a Nintendo GameCube Emulator for Windows. Dolwin is an emulator of Nintendo Gamecube console. This platform is based on PowerPC-derivative processor, produced by IBM Corp. and codenamed Gekko. Dolwin mainly purposed to emulate homebrewn applications.

Dolwin Git Changelog:
* Sleep, Echo, Exit commands
* More JDI

Download: Dolwin Git (2020/04/03) x64
Source: Here

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  1. When I open the emulator, it says that default settings cannot be loaded.
    I think that there is no playable emulator.

    1. Why use Dolwin? this emulator is in its early stages, they stopped development on this one for years and just recently started updating it again. Use Dolphin instead which is far more advanced and has been in development for over a decade.

      If no emulators works for you then that's your problem man, you need to update your system, you're probably using a potato.

      That being said, I need to update my system as well since the latest versions of Dolphin is giving me problems as well.

    2. Thanks for replay and given info.


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