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EmuCR: NegatronNegatron v0.99.7 is released. Negatron is yet another front-end for MAME, the well-known multi-system emulator. Negatron has been first engineered to assist users in managing the huge list of machines available in MAME as intuitively as possible, them being arcade machines, consoles or computers. It has been developed in order to be as much hassle-free as possible, checking for any changed or updated resources automatically.

Negatron v0.100 Changelog:
Finally, Negatron is forward compatible and can be run on Java 11+!
Added a section about Negatron's other design guidelines.
Updated the prerequisites to the specifications of Negatron v0.100.
Updated the chapters with the new capabilities of Negatron v0.100.
Fixed a bug where Negatron crashed with MAME 0.165 because of a set of non-existing MAME options appearing only in MAME 0.173.
Fixed a bug where the Favourites panel could make Negatron crash.
Added the Lua plugins path entry in the Folders tab of the Global Configuration panel.
Added a new Tooltip option in the Options tab of the Global Configuration panel: tooltips can now be disabled.
Added support to additional software lists possibly enabled by selected slot options when changing machine configuration e.g. some Acorn and Sinclair computers like the ZX Spectrum.
Improved usability by automatically hiding the Folder View pane when the Machine Configuration pane gets displayed following a user action.
Improved usability by automatically hiding the Global Conf and the Statistics pane when the Favourites pane gets displayed following a user action.
Improved the way Negatron manages bad data in MAME's internal software list database. When an error is detected, it now displays a message box asking users to report the issue.
Improved the all-in-one pack for Windows to be a real msi package installer:
Added a shortcut on the start menu as BabelSoft/Negatron.
Will improve future Negatron updates by simply letting future versions of the installer do everything with a double-click.
Changed MAME's Lua plugins activation management to something more intuitive in the Options tab of the Global Configuration panel.
Changed the behaviour of the all-in-one pack for macOS so that favourites, preferences and cache are always stored in $user.home/Library/Application Support/Negatron.
Changed the cross-plaform pack:
The batch scripts for Windows, Linux and macOS now automatically detect the system-wide Java runtime and check whether it meets the minimum requirements.
As JavaFX is not bundled with Java anymore since Java 11+, the pack must embed it, thus its installed size has grown from 26 MB to 41 MB.
Migrated VLCJ from 3.10.1-experimental to 4.4.0:
Fixed VLC misdetection on some Linux distros like Debian.
Fixed incompatibilities with VLC 3.0+ on macOS.
Migrated from Java 8 to Java 11+ (Java 14+ recommended):
Partially fixed slowndowns and freezes happening while the cache is refreshing to handle a new MAME version.
Improved Negatron responsiveness in other situations thanks to the migration to JavaFX 14.
Migrated the all-in-one packs for Windows and macOS from Oracle's Java 8 to OpenJDK 14.
Reduced the installed size of the all-in-one packs down by 70% e.g. Windows pack was 400 MB and it's now trimmed down to 120 MB.

Download: Negatron v0.100
Source: Here

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