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EmuCR: BizHawkBizHawk Git (2020/05/03) is compiled. BizHawk is a A multi-system emulator written in C#. BizHawk provides nice features for casual gamers such as full screen, and joypad support in addition to full rerecording and debugging tools for all system cores.

BizHawk Supported Systems
* Apple II
* Atari
* Video Computer System / 2600
* 7800
* Lynx
* Bandai WonderSwan + Color
* CBM Commodore 64
* Coleco Industries ColecoVision
* Mattel Intellivision
* PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 + SuperGrafx + CD
* Neo Geo Pocket + Color
* Nintendo
* Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System + FDS
* Game Boy + Color
* Game Boy Advance
* Nintendo 64
* Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System
* Virtual Boy
* Sega
* Game Gear
* Genesis + 32X + CD
* Master System
* Pico
* Saturn
* SG-1000
* Sinclair ZX Spectrum
* Sony Playstation (PSX)
* Texas Instruments TI-83
* Uzebox
* More coming soon..?

BizHawk Git Changelog:
* Migrate EmuHawk's post-build targets to shell scripts
* oops, use rmdir instead of rd
* Migrate EmuHawk to new .csproj format
* Migrate DiscoHawk to new .csproj format
* oops, un-rewind mgba
* remove junk netstandard2.0, netcoreapp3.1, net48 dirs from dist package
* support skip option on everything else
* support skip option on bsnes
* support skip option in waterbox
* plumbing for that skip option. do not look at this commit, it will displease you.
* revert EmuHawkOptions to pre-layoutpanel state, so that I can actually edit it without it turning into crap. probably fix a label concerning the waterbox skip stuff that I messed up in the last commit because I was so confused
* consistently use ToolFormBase on tools
* Replace $(SolutionDir) with $(ProjectDir) in src/
* Update paths in projects (fixes build)
* Move projects to src subdir (breaks build)
* Flatten BizHawk.Bizware.*
* oops
* remove AWE code, and option from movie storage. add a new option for waterbox integrity checks, but it doesn't work yet because I can't get BH.Emulation.Common to build
* revert SoundConfig to pre-layoutpanel state, so that it isn't ugly.
* Retarget BizHawk.Client.Common to .NET Standard 2.0
* convert VirtualPadTool to use ToolFormBase and remove a few Global usages
* Ram Watch - remove pause feature, it was only a hack for when ram watch was too slow, it's plenty fast now
* Remove vba-next (#1969)
* Update readme for 2.4.1
* Pull in some GPGX fixes from upstream (#1971)
* update libmelonDS.dll with a few fixes
* GBHawk: work on edge case VRAm access, still needs work

Download: BizHawk Git (2020/05/03)
Source: Here

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