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EmuCR: Project64Larper64 v0.3 is released. Larper64 is a N64 emulator. Half-hearted attempt at a fast and compatible LLE N64 emulator.

Larper64 v0.3 changelog:
* Increased compatibility. Many more games now work including Golden Eye, Indiana Jones, Turok 2, Turok 3 and probably many more.
* Preliminary sound support. Emulation is synced to audio so it will pop if your computer can’t run a game fast enough. There is some minor crackling in some games also.
* PAL region support. You will need PAL PIF for many games to run.
* Flashram support added. A sample database file is included to detect game save types.
* Saving of game save types.
* Zip file support. Only first file will be loaded.
* New user interface.
* Linux support. There are some quirks. Read the included documentation.

Download: Larper64 v0.3
Source: Here

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