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DobieStation Git (2020/06/07) is compiled. A young PS2 emulator with plans for an optimized Android port, as well as a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use PC port. A large portion of the PS2's library can boot or get to menus. Some titles can even go in-game, including high-profile ones such as Final Fantasy X and Shadow of the Colossus. Not intended for general use.

DobieStation Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #392 from refractionpcsx2/vu_timing_fixes
* More VU Reset missing stuff and fixes
* Little more cleanup
* Add some missing variables
* Remove some duplicate code
* Fix cycle count when starting VU's from VIF
* Removed extra space
* Implement soft VU reset for FBRST
* remove COP2 cycle counting, now uses VU0 and EE cycles to sync
* Merge pull request #353 from Margen67/actions
* ci: Add Windows CMake build, other changes
* Merge pull request #403 from tadanokojin/display-filtering
* qt: enable bilinear filtering of display
* Merge pull request #357 from refractionpcsx2/vif_internal_fifo
* Merge branch 'master' into vif_internal_fifo
* Fix savestates
* VIF: Fix bug where WL should be seen as 256 when 0 is written to it (this isn't valid). Fixes Kingdom Hearts 2 After menu
* Implemented VIF's strange 2QW internal FIFO behaviour

Download: DobieStation Git (2020/06/07)
Source: Here

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