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EmuCR: melonDSmelonDS Git (2020/06/02) is complied. melonDS is an open source Nintendo DS(NDS) emulator. melonDS is part of a second wave of DS emulators. There are a few other emulator projects that are part of it, which you might have already heard of. Either way, check them out!

melonDS Features:
* almost-complete 2D graphics
* 3D graphics (software renderer) with texturing, alphablending, lighting
* input: keyboard and joystick, touchscreen
* backup memory
* booting from the BIOS
* resizable video output window, preserving aspect ratio of individual screens

melonDS Git Changelog:
* blarg
* Merge pull request #638 from Arisotura/melonDSi
* heh
* clean it up some
* allow .dsi files
* remove requirement for initmem7/9.bin (but this requires augmented BIOS dumps, we'll get there)
* remove requirement for aeskeys.bin and boot2_7/9.bin
* make it able to switch between DS and DSi modes
* add DSi-mode settings
* silence pointless and spammy printf
* reset SD controllers during a soft-reset
* betterer SD/MMC code. Flipnote can save shit!
* make soft-reset work somewhat better
* modern melonDSi
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master' into melonDSi
* fix shito.
* Merge commit '4b57416552ec2fa95216e2b044559f215723bf70' into melonDSi
* Merge commit '3984491ccec4630091bbb178c7c0b22aa4e5e937' into melonDSi
* merge moar
* sadadssa
* begin renovating melonDSi
* look for NAND nocash footer at the end of the file rather than using a hardcoded offset. check whether the footer is present.
* messing around
* Merge branch 'melonDSi' of https://github.com/Arisotura/melonDS into melonDSi
* add DSi shit to cmakelists
* * some fixes to SD controller support, make it clear that there is no SD inserted, makes Flipnote work somewhat better
* don't auto-patch firmware touchscreen coordinates, atleast until we find out whether that causes problems in DSi mode
* * base for potentially re-encrypting modcrypt, doesn't seem to be required? but can also serve to decrypt it
* guess after all we shouldn't send ACKs for nonexistant I2C devices
* camera: enough stub to pass firmware init
* lay base for camera shito
* * add old DS BIOSes and 04004000 BIOS-switch
* support DSi-mode carts
* TSC: add backwards-compatibility
* touchscreen input, somewhat
* lay base for DSi-mode TSC
* wifi: take this shit further. complete wifi init
* add BMI commands and other shit
* lots of things. attempting to make wifi init work. not there yet.
* * add SCFG_EXT
* lay base for DSi wifi
* * AES-CCM decrypt
* make it work better
* add SCFG_MC
* make it actually not crapo the NAND
* implement SD/MMC write (cmd25)
* fix another AES bug
* ayyy
* add LCD init flag in DISPSTAT
* add some registers
* * fix more AES bugs
* probably betterer like this
* combat AES overflowing and/or getting stuck
* add NDMA start mode 0x0A (AES input FIFO)
* support loading extra RSA keys from dsikeys.bin file (to dump from haxed DSi)
* add NWRAM registers
* add consoleID registers
* there, PSISP
* fix moar bugs, get furtherer (add support for SDHC addressing)
* fix more bugs, get further
* fix bug with SD reads going a bit too far
* add AES, fix a bunch of bugs
* plug it to the SD/MMC FIFO.
* might be more impressive if it actually worked, like this
* y'know, actually running the DMA units might yield better results.
* tremble upon the NDMA implementation
* prevent old DMA from being a shitshow.
* add data32 IRQ thing
* take all the SDMMC shit further. now it's completing MMC init and trying to read shit.
* moar SD/MMC commands
* take this shit further
* lay base for SD shit
* add IE2/IF2
* fix fucking ass-stupid bug with new-WRAM handling
* betterer I2C
* get it to do more interesting things
* fix I2C shit? I think
* add I2C shito
* setup new-WRAM mapping. hark hark hark
* melonDSi: skeleton in place
* add all sorts of shit
* blarg

Download: melonDS Git (2020/06/02)

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  1. Wow! More changelogs and.... SUPPORT DSI MODE!!! DSWIWARE! DSI EXECUTE! Thanks MelonDS team! Coming soon... Melon 3DS support!


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