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EmuCR: puNESpuNES Git (2020/06/28) is complied. puNES is a NES emulator. Currently the program supports mappers 0, MMC1, UNROM, CNROM, and the sound is available. It uses the SDL libraries and it works on both Linux and Windows.

puNES Git Changelog
* Merged Crowdin translations (#42)
* Updated translations.
* Updated english translation.
* Updated translation.
* Brazilian portuguese translation (#106) (thx to mscatto)

Download: puNES Git (2020/06/28) for win64
Source: Here


  1. o emulador é bom gostei so falta estabilizar os filtro testei em quatro pc e a imagem fica tremendo mas alguns ajustes ele fica bom parabem pelo projeto


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