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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.83.4 (2020/08/02) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Fixed loading saved states in fullscreen mode with
the "aspect=true" setting. (Wengier)
Added config option "saveslot" to select default
save slot (1-10). The timestamps for the saved
states will also be shown in the menu. (Wengier)
Added key mapper for sending the Ctrl+Alt+Del key,
with HOST(F11/F12)+Del by default. (Wengier)
Added dosbox-x.conf setting to ignore the EGA/VGA
"extended memory" bit. It was originally defined
back when stock EGA/VGA cards could ship with 64KB
of memory. The option is needed for DOS games that
accidentally clear the bit when using unchained
256-color modes (Mr. Blobby).
Added new default value "auto" for the setting
"usescancodesauto" (in [sdl] section of the config
file) to work around issues with non-US keyboard
layouts on SDL1 builds. (Wengier)
Added code pages 808, 850, 852, 853, 855, 857,
858, 869, 872 for host to guest codepage mapping
on mounted local or overlay drives. (Wengier)
The mapper options "Increase recording volume" and
"Decrease recording volume" as well as function
"Show sound levels" (from MIXER command) appear
now as menu items (under "Sound") too. (Wengier)
Fixed inputting of ASCII character 224 and 240
in Windows SDL2 or MinGW builds. (Wengier)
Fixed possible DPMI error when running Windows
98 installation from the DOSBox-X shell without
using a batch file. (Wengier)
Fixed a bug in the FAT driver that can cause
a byte to get lost if writing up to the end of
a cluster, which seems to be behind the
corruption with program group files when running
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 from DOSBox-X shell.
Unknown INT 2Fh calls are now debug output, not
an error.
Added VESA BIOS mode 68h alias as indicated on
the Vogons forum.
Fixed handling of config commands with spaces
when the "shell configuration as commands"
setting is enabled (quotes are needed in such
cases). Also added "Config options as commands"
toggle menu (under "DOS") to enable/disable the
feature from menu. It is disabled by default to
avoid name clash with other programs. (Wengier)
Added "Enable quick reboot" toggle menu (under
"DOS") so that when enabled, DOS restart calls
will reboot the emulated DOS (integrated or
guest DOS) instead of the virtual machine in
DOSBox-X. Also, you could change the default
setting for this by setting the new "quick
reboot" config option in "dos" section (Wengier)
Added new "Reboot guest system" menu item (under
"Main") to reboot the kernel of the integrated
DOS or the guest DOS directly. The previous menu
item "Reset guest system" has been renamed to
"Reset virtual machine" which will restart the
virtual machine in DOSBox-X instead. (Wengier)
Added "Reported DOS version" sub-menu (under
"DOS") to dynamically change the reported DOS
version (3.3, 5.0, 6.22, 7.1, or custom). This
may enable/disable long filename (LFN) support
with the default "lfn=auto" setting. (Wengier)
LS is now an external command appearing on drive
Z: as LS.COM instead of a builtin shell command.
This avoids name clash with game "Links LS 97"
which has the main executable named LS.EXE. Also
fixed minor issues in this command. (Wengier)
Fixed the game "Disney's Duck Tales: the Quest
for Gold" not able to start. (Wengier)
Improved Configuration GUI's handling of "4dos"
and "config" sections. Also added the "Save..."
button just before the "Close" button. (Wengier)
Added "euro" config option (in [render] section)
to display Euro symbol instead of the specified
ASCII character in any code page. (Wengier)
PC-98 CG MMIO writes fixed to limit writes only
to the user-defined areas, same as the IO writes.
This fixes "Niko Niko" that appears to write a
few too many 0xE1 bytes when filling text
attribute RAM and into the CG MMIO region.
With -winrun command-line option or the setting
"startcmd=true" (Windows only), you can now
directly launch Windows programs on mounted local
or overlay drives to run on the host. The option
"startwait=false" can be used to disable waiting
for Windows programs after started. This can also
be toggled from the "DOS" menu. (Wengier)
Added START command to run commands on Windows
host system. The /MAX, /MIN, /HID options can
be used to run the specified program maximized,
minimized, or hidden (they can be shortened to
+, -, _ respectively). This command is disabled
by default, but can be enabled by either the
"startcmd" config option (in [dos] section) or
the -winrun command-line option (which will also
enable the CLIP$ device for Windows clipboard
support). START will run commands listed in the
"startincon" config option (separated by space)
in the Windows Command Prompt and wait for a key
press before exiting. (Wengier)
Added SHELL= option to the [config] section in
dosbox-x.conf to specify an alternative shell,
e.g. "SHELL=4DOS.COM". (Wengier)
Added built-in 4DOS 8.00 shell for 4DOS features
and capabilities. There is now a [4dos] section
in the dosbox-x.conf file to act as the 4DOS.INI
config file if you use this shell. (Wengier)
Added "Mouse wheel movements" menu (under "Main")
to enable or disable the mouse wheel movements
to arrow (up/down etc) feature. (Wengier)
Added "Quick right mouse button copy/paste" menu
item toggle to allow quick Windows clipboard copy
and paste via the right mouse button without any
key modifier that may have been specified by the
config option "clip_key_modifier". (Wengier)
Fixed mounting a directory with command-line like
"dosbox-x .", and fixed mounting disk images with
spaces via the "Drive" menu on Windows. (Wengier)
Added "mountwarning" config setting so you could
optionally disable the warning when attempting to
mount C:\ in Windows or / otherwise. (Wengier)
IMGMOUNT now assumes "-fs none" automatically if
a drive number is specified instead of a drive
letter. Moreover, it will assume the image file
name "IMGMAKE.IMG" if no filename is specified by
the user. Also improved the command's handling of
El Torito floppy drives, e.g. you can use option
"-bootcd d" instead of "-el-torito d". (Wengier)
IMGMAKE warning replaced to indicate a general
incompatibility between MS-DOS/SCANDISK and
cluster sizes 64KB or larger.
IMGMAKE command will now use the image file name
"IMGMAKE.IMG" if no file name is specified (either
in the mounted local directory or in the DOSBox-X
program directory if the current directory is not
a local directory). The command now also supports
a -force option to force overwrite the image file
if it already exists. Furthermore, IMGMAKE will
delete the generated image file if an error occurs
during the image file creation. (Wengier)

Download: DOSBox-X v0.83.4 (2020/08/02)
Source: Here

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