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EmuCR:Ootake Ootake v2.98 is released. Ootake is a PC Engine emulator for Windows. Ootake is the most frequently updated PC Engine emulator available for windows, and Ootake is also one of the more complete. Also, Ootake is FREE unlike Magic Engine.

Ootake v2.98 Changelog::
- Fixed the problem that the tempo of sound sometimes became fast for a few
seconds immediately after opening a ROM image file when using the display
refresh rate of 120Hz.
- It supported the operation with the display setting of refresh rate 240Hz.
If the display setting of the Windows desktop is set to 240Hz, Ootake will
also automatically operate at 240Hz. * At window mode
+ Operation at 240Hz significantly reduces the time it takes for the Windows
desktop to refresh the screen (overlap the desktop with the screens of
Ootake and other applications and draw at a non-flickering timing).
Therefore, the operation delay when playing with Ootake is reduced and it
is very close to the feeling of the actual machine.
+ When using a 144Hz display, V-Sync does not work and the screen may wavy
when scrolling, so I recommend setting to 120Hz and playing.
- It also supports operation at refresh rates of 180Hz, 300Hz and 360Hz.
* I haven't tested it because I don't have a display of 300Hz or higher,
but I think it's ok. If you have any problems, please let me know.
- "Full Screen 180Hz" and "Full Screen 240Hz" were added to the "Screen ->
FullScreen Customize" menu. By default, it switches to 60Hz in FullScreen.
If you have a display of 120Hz or more, you can play with low latency by
setting here. If you have a display of 300Hz or higher faster than 240Hz,
select "Full Screen 240Hz" (Ootake is optimized for 240Hz operation, so
240Hz operation is the best operation).
- "MaxSize" was added to the "Screen" menu when playing in full screen. You
can make the "game display screen" smaller even when playing in full
screen. It can also be set by holding down [Alt] on the keyboard and
pressing [1] to [5].
* When playing close to the display (most PCs think so), I think it's often
easier to play with a size smaller than the full size screen. This is
because there is little movement of the field of view, and in the case of
a retro game, the coarseness of expansion is not noticeable and the image
quality is good.
* In Windows 8 or later, full screen mode has about 1 frame less delay than
window mode. Therefore, it is also recommended to play in full screen mode
in shooting games. In addition, when playing on a liquid crystal display
of 240Hz or higher, you can play with low latency close to full screen
even in window mode.
- Full screen selection The default resolution has been adapted to recent
PCs (wide display). [640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1366x768, 1920x1080,
- "Same Desktop (same resolution as the desktop)" has been added to the
selected resolution of full screen. * Depending on the display, selecting
the same resolution as the desktop (1920x1080 for a full HD LCD display)
will reduce the display lag.
- The aspect ratio of the game screen has been finely adjusted to bring it
closer to the actual ratio. Also, the aspect ratio of the window is kept
at 4:3 even when the overscan area is displayed ([F12]key).
- Added the SELECT button auto-fire function ("Input -> TurboButton SELECT"
- On the key config screen (black screen during key reception), described
the precautions when connecting the game pad (when connecting the game
pad, it is necessary to close this "black screen during key reception"
- The operation speed when accessing the video chip (VDC) has been made
closer to the operation of the actual machine. The problem (occurred in
recent versions) that the audience at the bottom edge was not displayed
on the screen at the start of the "Wonder Momo" stage (purple curtain)
has been resolved.
- The sprite display processing part has been made closer to the operation
of the actual machine. The problem (generated from v2.92) that the
background of the continue screen of "Dragon Slayer Eiyuu Densetsu" is
disturbed has been resolved.
- Move the operation speed and timing closer to the actual operation. Solved
the problem that raster processing was disturbed (occurred in recent
versions) in the demo of "Spriggan mk2" when starting the 8th stage.
- When "Private Eyedol" is started with "no arcade card", there is a bug
(planned to be fixed) that it will stop in the raft puzzle scene in the
cave. So, Ootake will boot it with the arcade card (extended RAM) enabled.
- The ROM image file of the BIOS is the same (exactly the same) in both
"Super System Card 3.0" and "Arcade Card Pro", so in Ootake the arcade
card compatible software also works with the ROM image of "Super System
Card 3.0". (Operates with virtual RAM)
- Fixed the horizontal display start position determination process of the
screen. In "Shogi Shoshinsha Muyou", the problem that the game screen was
shifted to the left was solved.
- Fixed a bug in which the system message displayed on the upper left of the
Ootake screen might remain when playing a game using a horizontal 512 dot
- In a screen mode game such as "Tokimeki Memorial" in which the effective
range of 348 dots is horizontal, if the left and right overscan areas are
set to be displayed, the same color band as the actual machine is
displayed (v2.91 Same processing as before).
- Solved the problem that the display at the bottom of the screen was
sometimes distorted when the RUN button was pressed on the player count
setting screen in "Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari". (In this scene, the CD
access speed has been reduced to the level of the actual machine).
- When the "PC Engine Mouse" is connected, Ootake is automatically paused
when the focus of Windows shifts to another application. (To prevent the
mouse cursor from getting lost)
- The default setting of the "Remove Lag" setting in the "Screen" menu (a
function to skip the extra screen buffer and reduce the delay) has been
changed to 1F(1 frame). * With the recent PC & driver, the same effect can
be obtained with 1F without setting 3F. (And the processing does not
become heavy)
- "Overscan Height 5dot" and "Overscan Height 3dot" have been added to the
"Screen->Overscan Customize" menu.
- Other minor details have been fixed and improved.

+ I began Twitter. (Japanese language & a little English language)
* The happiness of the game is the world human race commonness. It longs for
* I think that it cannot do improvement & correction of the above-mentioned
if there are many neither operation report nor defect report. Thank you
really for you who reported.

Download: Ootake v2.98
Source: Here

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