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EKA2L1 Git (2020/10/12) is released. EKA2L1 is a Experimental Symbian OS emulator, written in C++ 17. The emulator currently emulates Symbian OS's EKA2 behavior (with planned EKA1 support), and reimplement most of its critical app servers. It can already boot many EKA2's apps and games, with EKA1 being worked on at the moment.

EKA2L1 Git Changelog:
* common/watcher/win32: Make watcher more sensitive to changes
* services/keysound: Make tone replayable
* services/window: Prevent deadlock between graphics and OS thread part 2
* kernel: Add support for eka1 rom image
* kernel/timer: Unschedule timer event on destruction
* services/window: Replace opcode impl cast to bool to cast to int
* services/window: Fix warning about casting from uint32_t to bool
* Merge pull request #205 from EKA2L1/android
* services/window: Fix set_visible bool issue
* drivers/graphics/ogl: Fix blend func savestate
* drivers/graphics/ogl: Add GL_R8 support
* external: Cleanup glad
* services/window: Fix set_visible extra removal and missing breaks
* epoc: Make the application exit peacefully
* loader/e32img: Read priority value of EKA1 image into temp first before transfer
* kernel/timing: Use event for event synchronization
* common/sync: Add event object
* kernel/process: Correct main thread default priority to normal
* loader/e32img: Correct process priority size
* kernel/timing: Notify new event on destruction
* kernel/timing: Use semaphore to get hold of new event
* common/sync: Add wait with timeout
* drivers/audio/dsp: Dont clear buffer copied callback when virtually stop
* dispatch/audio: Only register callback one time
* console: Enable SEH handler for CI
* issues: Add support template
* github: Update issue templates
* services/window: Fix random freezes while combining input and graphics
* debugger: Update translations (#193)
* debugger: Add more languages
* common/thread: Correct type usage
* kernel/timing: Set some thread's priority
* kernel/scheduler: Reset timeslice when thread blocks
* common/thread: Add set_thread_priority


Download: EKA2L1 Git (2020/10/12)

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