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DuckStation Git (2020/11/22) is complied. Fast-ish PlayStation 1 emulator for PC and Android.

* CPU Recompiler/JIT (x86-64 and AArch64)
* Hardware (D3D11 and OpenGL) and software rendering
* Upscaling and true colour (24-bit) in hardware renderers
* "Fast boot" for skipping BIOS splash/intro
* Save state support
* Windows and Linux support - macOS may work, but not actively maintained
* Supports bin/cue images, raw bin/img files, and MAME CMD formats.
* Direct booting of homebrew executables
* Digital and analog controllers for input (rumble is forwarded to host)
* Qt and SDL frontends for desktop
* Qt frontend has graphical configuration, and controller binding
* Automatic content scanning - game titles/regions are provided by redump.org

DuckStation Changelog:
* Build: Fix Android armv8 performance regression
* Update README.md
* Merge pull request #1090 from hugihadein/patch-1
* fix typo in italian translation
* Merge pull request #1091 from stenzek/android-armv7
* GPU/Software: Remove a couple of unused variables
* CI: Generate armv7 libretro cores
* CI: Output Android apk as duckstation-android.apk
* Android: Enable armeabi-v7a builds
* VulkanHostDisplay: Support 16-bit scanout
* Update README.md
* Build: Fix CMake build
* XInputControllerInterface: Fix device connected spam
* Frontends: Add .iso to open disc filter
* GameSettings: Force PGXP mode for Spyro trilogy
* GPU/OpenGL: Add a version check and display message when unsupported
* OpenGLHostDisplay: Add a GLES2 render path
* GPU: Split software to frontend/backend
* GPU: Move enums/types into separate file
* GPU/Software: Reduce number of copies by one, enable 16-bit scanout
* Common/Rectangle: Use memcpy for operator=
* Common/Event: Replace poll event with lock/condvar
* CPU: Add AArch32/armv7 recompiler
* CPU/Recompiler: Add GetValueInHostOrScratchRegister helper
* CPU/Recompiler: Reduce register pressure of lwl/lwr/swl/swr
* CPU/Recompiler: Support targets where shifts aren't implicitly masked
* CPU/Recompiler: Inhibit allocation in mtc0/rfe branches
* Bus: Fix failed safe instruction reads raising guest exceptions
* Build: Fix Win32 compilation of core
* Common/PageFaultHandler: Fix compiling on 32-bit Windows
* CPU: Make fastmem a compile-time feature (support 32-bit targets)
* Common/CPUDetect: Use consistant naming for ARM targets
* dep/vixl: Fix building for AArch32
* Pad: Fix controller state not being ignored in state load
* CPU/CodeCache: Remove warning about executing uncompiled blocks
* GL/ContextWGL: Check for ES2 context extension before creating
* Merge pull request #1089 from zkdpower/master
* Update duckstation-qt_zh-cn.ts to latest
* Merge pull request #1084 from andercard0/patch-30
* Update Pt-Br
* Merge pull request #1078 from CookiePLMonster/sdl-joystick-support
* Tidy up SDL controller methods interface
* Support for SDL Joysticks
* Factorize input hooks into reusable monitor classes
* Update README.md
* Update rolling-release.yml
* GameSettings: Don't force interpreter in Threads of Fate
* GameSettings: Disable upscaling in Slam 'n Jam '96 featuring Magic & Kareem (USA)
* Qt: Add screenshot to System menu
* Qt: Hook up window size menu
* CommonHostInterface: Add resize window to scale functions
* GPU: Flush partial VRAM writes to backend VRAM
* CPU: Make zero register printing consistent with the others
* CPU/CodeCache: Fetch second delay slot from first branch for double branches
* CDROM: Clear data FIFO on reset
* Merge pull request #1081 from zkdpower/master
* Update duckstation-qt_zh-cn.ts to latest
* Merge pull request #1079 from andercard0/patch-29
* Update Pt-Br

Download: DuckStation Git (2020/11/22)

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